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Archive footage - 1995 Championship Show

Footage & results from the FCBC archives of our Championship Show, held on Sunday 26th March 1995 at Bowburn Community Centre, Co. Durham

Judge: Mr George Johnston (Sykemoor Bassets)

Entries: 145 from 125 dogs


With thanks to Linda Chapman for the original recording.

Note - we recommended you watch this video in full screen mode (bottom right of the video while it is playing)


Best In Show

Ch Bayard Syndicat of Lowyck

Best Opposite Sex
Ch Fallowfield Zanto

Best Puppy In Show
Dialynne Bryony

Best Veteran In Show
Ch Gempeni Gin & Tonic

Dog CC
Ch Fallowfield Zanto

Reserve Dog CC
Ch Gempeni Gin & Tonic

Minor Puppy Dog  (4) 

1st:    Price & Robertson's Dialynne Bryony *BP*

2nd:  Lewis' Fallowfield Saracen

3rd:   Bothwell's Norcis Drummond

Puppy Dog  (5) 

1st:    Eades' Dialynne Casanova

2nd:  Davies' Almarda Welshman 

3rd:   Havard's Dialynne Cruiser of Annavah

Junior Dog  (7) 

1st:    Caney's Springpine Puritan

2nd:  Peak's Perseverance of Bayard

3rd:   Haslam's Rossgay Rambler

Maiden Dog  (2) 

1st:    Bothwell's Norcis Drummond

2nd:  Calikes & Bradley's Newlin Just William

Novice Dog  (2) 

1st:    Haslam's Rossgay Rambler

2nd:  Calikes & Bradley's Newlin Just William 

Post Graduate Dog  (8) 

1st:    McNabb's Roughstone Ribocco 

2nd:  Nicholson & Hall's Cliffmere Pirate

3rd:   Brown's Dialynne Persuasion

Limit Dog  (12) 

1st:    Westren's Deanery Blazer

2nd:  Price & Robertson's Baimor Impressario

3rd:   Caney's Springpine Fine & Dandy

Open Dog  (12) 

1st:    Lewis' Ch Fallowfield Zanto *DCC*

2nd:  Westren's Ch Deanery Bellboy

3rd:   Peak & Brownlees' Bayard Harvest Moon


Special Beginners Dog  (5) 

1st:     McNabb's Roughstone Ribocco

2nd:   Brown's Dialynne Persuasion

3rd:    Gatenby's Tim of Wheatfield

Bitch CC
Ch Bayard Syndicat of Lowyck

Reserve Bitch CC
Dialynne Chances Are


Minor Puppy Bitch  (7) 

1st:    Peak's Bayard Anastasia

2nd:  Avery's Fallowfield Rosamond

3rd:   Havard's Annavah Athena 

Puppy Bitch  (6) 

1st:    Eades' Dialynne Chancy of Jesson

2nd:  Chapman's Buttermere Toffee

3rd:   Brown's Raimex Kallara

Junior Bitch  (10) 

1st:    Spavin's Dialynne Nightshade

2nd:  Purves' Craigmount Golden Marvel

3rd:   Havard's Dialynne Brandy Truffle


Maiden Bitch  (3) 

1st:    Bothwell's Norcis Carpedium

2nd:  MacKenzie's Macall Mudlark

3rd:   Havard's Dialynne Brandy Truffle

Novice Bitch  (5) 

1st:    Purves' Craigmount Dimple

2nd:  MacKenzie's Macall Mudlark

3rd:   Stronach's Craigmount Dalmore

Post Graduate Bitch  (14) 

1st:    Deans' Gempeni Mistletoe

2nd:  Lewis' Fallowfield Balmy

3rd:   Bell's Brueacre Bombers Starlet

Limit Bitch  (14) 

1st:   Newman & Day's Dialynne Chances Are *RBCC*

2nd:  Winchole's Newlin Upbeat

3rd:   Davies' Almarda Walnut 

Open Bitch  (11) 

1st:    Lomax's Ch Bayard Syndicat of Lowyck *BCC*

2nd:  Eades' Ch Jesson Firefly

3rd:   Dixon's Norcis Black Gold of Peppermoor

Special Beginners Bitch  (4) 

1st:    Avery's Fallowfield Rosamond

2nd:  Goldberg's Havoc of Molesend

Veteran Dog or Bitch (10) 

1st:     Deans' Ch Gempeni Gin & Tonic *RDCC, BV*

2nd:   Dixon's Rossmaith Elite at Peppermoor

3rd:    Peak's Ch Bayard Zachariah

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