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2018 Open Show - Judged by Gary Clacher (Misken)

Best In Show
Newlin Preston to Clairdale JW

Reserve Best In Show & Best Opposite Sex
Rosroden Cherry Kisses

Best Puppy In Show
Fallowfield Frank

Best Veteran In Show

Shercroft Duchess JW ShCM

BIS Line Up.jpg

             BIS                                                     RBIS & BOS                     BPIS                                                            BVIS            


             BIS                                                                                          RBIS & BOS          


  BPD & BPIS                                                          BPB   



Dog Line Up.jpg

Best Dog                                                 Reserve Best Dog                                               Best Puppy Dog

Bitch Line Up.jpg

                       Best Bitch                  Reserve Best Bitch                 Best Puppy Bitch            Best Veteran Bitch

FCBC Open Show 2018

FCBC Open Show 2018

FCBC Open Show 2018
Highlights from the day
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Highlights from the day

Best in show lap of honour
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Best in show lap of honour

Dog Classes


​Best Dog

Newlin Preston to Clairdale JW

Reserve Best Dog
Newlin Perth at Molesend

Best Puppy Dog
Fallowfield Frank


​Minor Puppy Dog  (1) 

1st:    Fallowfield Frank *BPD, BPIS*

Puppy Dog  (2) 

1st:    Madika Hot Spot
2nd:  Julemark Artful


Junior Dog  (2, 1) 

1st:    Beighleigh Bilberry


Novice Dog  (1) 

1st:    Madika Hot Spot


​​Graduate Dog  (3) 

1st:    Newlin Perth at Molesend *RBD*
2nd:  Divinebrae Coming Soon at Dapperdawg

3rd:   Rosroden Debonair

​​Post Graduate Dog  (4)

1st:    Newlin Preston to Clairdale *BD, BIS*
2nd:  Newlin Perth at Molesend *RBD*

3rd:   Fallowfield Conner

Res:  Rosroden Debonair



​​​Mid Limit Dog  (1, 1) 



​​​​​​Limit Dog  (1, 1) 


​​​​​Open Dog  (3, 1) 

1st:    Tesoros and Shea Manor Do Ya Think I’m Sexy

2nd:  Cliffmere Mindful of Shercroft JW ShCM


​​​Veteran Dog  (0) 


1) MPD1.jpg


2) PD1.jpg

1st                                            2nd

2) PD2.jpg
6) GD1.jpg

1st                                            2nd

3) JD1.jpg
5) GD1.jpg
5) GD2.jpg

1st                                            2nd



2) PD1.jpg
5) GD1.jpg
9) OD1.jpg
9) OD2.jpg

1st                                            2nd

Best Bitch
Rosroden Cherry Kisses

Reserve Best Bitch
Shercroft Heckle von Dapperdawg

Best Puppy Bitch
Molesend Tranquil

Best Veteran Bitch

Shercroft Duchess JW ShCM

Minor Puppy Bitch  (2) 

1st:    Molesend Tealeaf

2nd:  Fallowfield Charmer


Puppy Bitch  (2, 1) 

1st:    Molesend Tranquil *BPB*


​Junior Bitch  (6, 2) 

1st:    Bondlea Lucy

2nd:  Mailcom Sahara

3rd:   Hayapark Feather

Res:  Chequers Countess Mary mit Julemark (IMP DEU)

Novice Bitch  (5, 1) 

1st:    Shercroft Heckle von Dapperdawg *RBB*

2nd:  Molesend Tealeaf

3rd:   Bondlea Lucy

Res:  Davricard Marigold

​​Graduate Bitch  (3) 

1st:    Molesend Tranquil *BPB*
2nd:  Bondlea Lucy

3rd:   Orchidvale Merry Go Round of Breskar


​​​Post Graduate Bitch  (7, 2)

1st:    Mailcom Sahara
2nd:  Davricard Belladonna for Rosamax

3rd:   Chequers Countess Mary mit Julemark (IMP DEU)

Res:  Madika Spot On JW ShCM AW(S)

VHC: Rosroden Aphrodite

Mid Limit Bitch  (3) 

1st:    Franjean Check Me Out at Fairleedale (IMP POL)

2nd:  Davricard Belladonna for Rosamax

3rd:   Rosroden Aphrodite

​​Limit Bitch  (3, 2) 

1st:    Rosroden Cherry Kisses *BB, RBIS, BOS*



​Open Bitch  (2) 

1st:    Mac Ch Dairun Mirror Mirror in Fallowfield

2nd:  Stormpasture Trump Hand at Bethnor




​​Veteran Bitch  (7) 

1st:    Shercroft Duchess JW ShCM *BVB, BVIS*

2nd:  Clairdale Willowmena ShCM

3rd:   Brigam Lace Stockings of Breskar

Res:  Ch Julemark Hussy

VHC: Newlin Inkspot at Fairleedale



11) MPB1.jpg
11) MPB2.jpg

1st                                            2nd

12) PB1.jpg


13) JB1.jpg
13) JB2.jpg

1st                                            2nd

14) NB1.jpg

1st                                            2nd

1st                                            2nd

16) PGB2.jpg

1st                                            2nd

17) MLB1.jpg

1st                                            2nd

19) OB1.jpg
19) OB2.jpg

1st                                            2nd

20) VB1.jpg
20) VB2.jpg
18) LB1.jpg


11) MPB1.jpg
12) PB1.jpg
13) JB1.jpg
13) JB2.jpg
16) PGB2.jpg

1st                                            2nd

Bitch Classes
Junior Handling

Junior Handling - Judged by Linda Powell (Hayapark)

Photo 15-09-2018, 12 22 34.jpg

1st: Ellise Hazard


Judge's Critique

I would like to thank the Committee for the invitation to judge at their Open Show and the exhibitors who brought their lovely beagles for me to go over. I always remember FCBC as a friendly club where everyone had fun – and it hasn’t changed!


Fronts were better overall than when I last judged and although the dog / bitch ratio was around the norm I felt the boys more than held their own with some quality hounds in both sexes. Needless to say, I was very happy with all my main winners.



MPD (1)

1st Lewis’ Fallowfield Frank

A dark tri presenting a lovely shape, strong pasterns with short hocks, loved his leathers and sweep of neck onto a firm topline. He has a happy disposition and, while initially presenting a challenge to his handler, he settled well later to show good movement and claim BPIS.


PD (2)

1st Arden’s Madika Hot Spot

Open tri presenting a striking outline from a head of good proportions through an excellent neck and shoulder placement to a level topline with good tail set. Liked his angulation, front just needs to tighten a bit on the move.

2nd Henningson Dundas’ Julemark Artful

Another open tri, more compact, he also had good angulation with good forechest. Moved out well, a tad close in his front action, just preferred the cleaner lines of 1.


JD (2,1)
1st Stewart & Binks’ Beighleigh Bilberry

Dark tri who is nicely square in profile, straight bone with good pasterns, he has a well- proportioned head with a kind expression.


ND (1)
1st Arden’s Madika Hot Spot


GD (3)
1st Goldberg’s Newlin Perth at Molesend

Very well put together, compact tri boy with leathers set low and correct tail set and carriage. In between lies a lovely neck and lay of shoulder with a firm, level topline, sound mover. RBD

2nd Hill’s Divinebrae Coming Soon at Dapperdawg.

Another quality hound, although undoubtedly masculine this t/w has a soft expression with a kind eye on a well-proportioned head. His hocks are well let down, he has strong pasterns and his level topline held well on the move. A close call, just felt 1st place moved marginally truer on the day.

3rd Leader’s Rosroden’s Debonair


PGD (4)
1st Jones’ Newlin Preston to Clairdale JW

Quality tri youngster who fills the eye with too many attributes to list here, he is so balanced with nothing overdone, loved in particular his gorgeous expression, bone, spring of rib, angulation and strong topline. He moved truly, coming or going, with reach and drive for a well-deserved BIS

2nd Goldberg’s Newlin Perth at Molesend
3rd Lewis’ Fallowfield Connor
4th Leader’s Rosroden’s Debonair


MLD (1,1)


LD (1,1)


OD (3,1)

1st Lewis’ Tesoros And Shea Manor Do Ya Think Im Sexy

A sound, compact tri with excellent bone and pasterns, covered the ground well from all directions on tidy feet.

2nd Hunt & Norris’ Cliffmere Mindful of Shercroft JW ShCM

A lighter tri with a pleasing head, he also has good bone and pasterns with well-muscled hindquarters to drive him soundly around the ring.


VD No entries




MPB (2)

1st Goldberg’s Molesend Tealeaf

Very bonny, merry little open tri with a pleasing eye and expression, hocks well let down, good forechest, angulation and top line, moved well.

2nd Lewis’ Fallowfield Charmer

Very feminine t/w baby with a good forechest and length of neck, very appealing head and eye. Acquitted herself well at her first show.


PB (2,1)
1st Goldberg’s Molesend Tranquil

T/w sister to previous class winner with similar attributes. Loved her serene expression and very feminine head, just preferred her front action on the day to pip her sibling for BPB.


JB (6,2)
1st Hunt’s Bondlea Lucy

Appealing open tri with a self-assured gaze, low earset (and what lovely ears they are!), good reach of neck / shoulder placement, hocks well let down, moved well.

2nd Hazard’s Mailcom Sahara

Well-proportioned head attached to a good length of neck on this t/w girl who has a good top line along with sound movement.

3rd Powell’s Hayapark Feather
4th Henningson Dundas’ Chequers Countess Mary Mit Julemark (IMP DEU)


NB (5,1)
1st Hill’s Shercroft Heckle von Dapperdawg

Very pleasing and feminine little tri bitch (with a hint of mottle!) free from exaggeration, I liked her angles, neck, topline and hocks. A little more depth of chest would complete the picture but she moved truly to claim RBB.

2nd Goldberg’s Molesend Tealeaf

3rd Hunt’s Bondlea Lucy

4th Warburton’s Davricard Marigold


GB (3)

1st Goldberg’s Molesend Tranquil

2nd Hunt’s Bondlea Lucy

3rd Butter & Theobald’s Orchidvale Merry Go Round of Breskar


PGB (7,2)

1st Hazard’s Mailcom Sahara

2nd Eldabe’s Davricard Belladonna for Rosamax

Pretty tri with a good reach of neck, strong pasterns and tidy feet, she drove nicely from well-muscled hindquarters.

3rd Henningson Dundas’ Chequers Countess Mary Mit Julemark (IMP DEU)

4th Arden’s Madika Spot On JW ShCM AW(S)
5th Leader’s Rosroden Aphrodite


MLB (3)
1st Hartland’s Franjean Check Me Out at Fairleedale (IMP POL)

Very sound, almost unassuming tri bitch who is pleasing to the eye, whether stacked or on the move. She has a lovely expression on a good head, level top line and strong hindquarters that she used to cover the ground economically.

2nd Eldabe’s Davricard Belladonna for Rosamax
3rd Henningson Dundas’ Chequers Countess Mary Mit Julemark (IMP DEU)


LB (3,2)
1st Vickers & Mead’s Rosroden Cherry Kisses

Really liked this compact tri girl who looked a picture on the table and didn’t disappoint on the move. Ultra feminine, short coupled, low hocks and balanced angulation, lovely neck and topline, would’ve taken her home if I’d been allowed to! BB, BOS, RBIS


OB (2)
1st Lewis’ Mac Ch Dairun Mirror Mirror in Fallowfield

Another compact tri, she is well off for bone, has a good neck, leathers and tailset. Also liked her forechest and bend of stifle, moved well to and fro.

2nd Alexander’s Stormpasture Trump Hand at Bethnor

There wasn’t a great deal between these two, just preferred the reach and drive of 1 on the day. This open tri has a feminine head of good proportions, dark eye, nice earset, angulation and topline and moves well.


VB (7,1)
Found this class the toughest of the day as I genuinely thought they were all gorgeous!


1st Hunt & Norris’ Shercroft Duchess JW ShCM

8 year old tri of good proportions with a dark, alert eye (where I’m sure I detected a merry twinkle!) She is well-ribbed with good bone, enough neck onto a very good topline which held firm as she drove around the ring, also moved true fore and aft. BVIS

2nd Jones’ Clairdale Willowmena ShCM

So very close between the first two, only given to 1 marginally on drive as they both moved true. I remember judging this lovely little tri as a puppy and falling for her then. She still presents a lovely clean outline with a most feminine head and expression. Lovely sweep of neck to a level topline, good forechest and bone.

3rd Butters & Theobald’s Brigam Lace Stockings of Breskar

4th Henningson Dundas’ Ch Julemark Hussy
5th Hartland’s Newlin Inkspot at Fairleedale


G. Clacher 

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