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2021 Championship Show
Judge: Stacey Burrows (Summerlily)

Best In Show
Ch. Davricard Jacob (AI)

Reserve Best In Show & Best Opposite Sex
Ch. Serenaker Maid In America

Best Puppy In Show
Davricard Milton (AI)

Best Veteran In Show

Shercroft Duchess JW ShCM






Dog CC

Ch. Davricard Jacob (AI)

Reserve Dog CC
Serenaker Armani

Best Puppy Dog

Davricard Milton (AI) 

Dog line up_edited.jpg




Bitch CC
Ch. Serenaker Maid In America

Reserve Bitch CC
Annavah Buttercup 

Best Puppy Bitch

Serenaker Agatha Raisin

Best Veteran Bitch
Shercroft Duchess JW ShCM

Dog Classes

Dog CC

Ch. Davricard Jacob (AI)

Reserve Dog CC
Serenaker Armani

Best Puppy Dog

Davricard Milton (AI) 

Minor Puppy Dog  (5, 2) 

1st:    Davricard Milton (AI)  *BPD, BPIS*

2nd:  Molesend Colt (AI) 

3rd:   Gladstyle Magic Moment 

1. MPD1 28.png


1. MPD2 55.png


 Puppy Dog  (5, 1)

1st:    Serenaker George Gently 

2nd:  Blunderhall Live Wire 

3rd:   Bondlea Woodlark 

Res:  Evalux Druid of Breskar (IMP Ita) 

2. PD1 94.png


2. PD2 58.png


Junior Dog  (1)

1st:    Serenaker Armani *RDCC*

3. JD1 96.png


Yearling Dog  (4, 3)

1st:    Fallowfield Vincent 

4. YD1.png


Novice Dog  (1)

1st:    Bondlea Woodlark 

5. ND1 67.png


Graduate Dog  (3, 1)

1st:    Gladstyle Noah Fence 

2nd:  Hayapark Gershwin 

6. GD1 23.png


6. GD2 98.png


Post Graduate Dog  (2)

1st:    Brimbleway Saving Grace 

2nd:  Rosrodens Debonair

7. PGD1 73.png


7. PGD2 75.png


Limit Dog  (7)

1st:    Deaconfield Kingcraft

2nd:  Julemark Luther 

3rd:   Wyvisview Pinocchio
Res:  Morsefield Mudlark

VHC: Fallowfield Xavior of Jalhar JW 

8. LD1 105.png


8. LD2 64.png


Open Dog  (10, 3)

1st:    Ch. Davricard Jacob (AI)  *DCC, BIS*

2nd:  Ch. Shercroft Apollo JW ShCM

3rd:   Newlin Preston to Clairdale JW 
Res:  Aznavour Do Casal Da Vinha in Fallowfield
VHC: Eardley Alec Tricity at Blunderhall 

9. OD1 25.png


9. OD2 68.png


Veteran Dog  (0)

Bitch Classes

Bitch CC

Ch. Serenaker Maid In America

Reserve Bitch CC

Annavah Buttercup 

Best Puppy Bitch

Serenaker Agatha Raisin

Best Veteran Bitch

Shercroft Duchess JW ShCM

Minor Puppy Bitch  (7, 1)

1st:    Davricard Marcia (AI)

2nd:  Molesend Crumble (AI) 

3rd:   Jalhar Born To Perform 
Res:  Dughallmor Hot Gossip 

VHC: Princess Bella of Redcharm 

11. MPB1 29.png


11. MPB2 54.png


 Puppy Bitch  (6)

1st:    Serenaker Agatha Raisin  *BPB*

2nd:  Blunderhall No More Tiers 

3rd:   Butterow Token 

Res:  Rhiconich Rock Rose

VHC: Blunderhall Blow A Fuse 

12. PB1 95.png



12. PB2 60.png

Junior Bitch  (5, 3)

1st:    Annavah Buttercup  *RBCC*

2nd:  Dialynne Back Off Subo 

13. JB1 62.png


13. JB2 100.png


Yearling Bitch  (5, 1)

1st:    Annavah Star Above Madika 

2nd:  Eardley Talking In Texas With Blunderhall

3rd:   Tannahill Ruby

Res:  Gladstyle It Maybe Me 

14. YB2 59.png



14. YB1 4.png

Novice Bitch  (7, 2)

1st:    Mckleesum Athi

2nd:  Serenaker Miss Marple 

3rd:   Gladstyle I Can Hope 

Res:  Blunderhall Enchantment 

VHC: Princess Bella of Redcharm 

15. NB1 15.png



15. NB2 43.png

Graduate Bitch  (8, 2)

1st:    Gempeni Cornflower

2nd:  Forgebanks Roksana

3rd:   Kellitcreed Dirty Diana at Kingswin 
Res:  Vanitonia Briony at Mckleesum

VHC: Blitzlilie Girl With No Name 

16. GB1 34.png


16. GB2 108.png


Post Graduate Bitch  (11, 4)

1st:    Gempeni Cornflower 

2nd:  Julemark Lolita 

3rd:   Butterow Skylark
Res:  Shercroft Liberty JW 

VHC: Wyvisview Porcelain

17. PGB2 65.png



16. GB1 34.png

Limit Bitch  (14, 5)

1st:    Blunderhall Fleur Tayshuss 

2nd:  Bethnor Iona 

3rd:   Hayapark Feather 
Res:  Molesend Flurries Diamond 
VHC: Madika Spot On JW ShCM AW(G) 

18. LB1 57.png


18. LB2 1.png


Open Bitch  (9, 1)

1st:    Ch. Serenaker Maid In America  *BCC, RBIS, BOS*

2nd:  Bayard Glory Bee

3rd:   Annavah Lady Gaga 
Res:  Fallowfield Fern
VHC: Molesend Tranquil JW

19. OB1 93.png


19. OB2 27.png


Veteran Bitch  (6, 2)

1st:    Shercroft Duchess JW ShCM  *BVB, BVIS*

2nd:  Rosrodens Aphrodite

3rd:   Gempeni Flower Girl JW ShCM

Res:  Redcap Bella Sorella JW ShCM VW

20. VB1 69.png


20. VB2 74.png



Judge's Critique

Thank you to the Four Counties Beagle Club committee for inviting me to judge your Championship show, even if it did take 3 attempts! Also thank you to my stewards and to all the exhibitors who gave me a lovely supporting entry and allowed me the privilege to go over and judge their hounds. Overall, the quality was good and most were in excellent condition. Thank you all for an enjoyable day.



MPD (5/2)

  1. Craig’s Davricard Milton (Ai) 6 months old t/w dog. Beautiful head, dark eye, correct set on of leathers, giving the softest of expressions, good length of neck and front assembly, level topline and correct tail set. Good rear angulation. Moved true showing reach and drive. (BPD & BPIS)

  2. Goldberg’s Molesend Colt (Ai) another 6 months old t/w dog. Slightly longer in cast than 1 but several similar qualities. Pleasing head with dark pigmentation giving a lovely expression, super length of neck, well laid shoulder, preferred rear movement of 1.

  3. Coates’ Gladstyle Magic Moment

PD (5/1)

  1. Parker & Stevens Serenaker George Gently 11 months old t/w. Lovely head and expression. Good length of neck leading into well laid shoulders, good round bone, tight feet. Well angulated front and rear. Carries himself well, holding his topline, showing true free reaching stride.

  2. Hardisty’s Blunderhall Live Wire 11 months old. Smart compact tri hound who moved true, however didn’t have the scope of 1. 

  3. Hunt & Ford’s Bondlea Woodlark

JD (1)

  1. Parker & Stevens Serenaker Armani 13 months old blanket tri, dark eye, lovely head and correct set on and length of leathers. Level top line which was maintained on the move with correct tail set. Good depth of chest and spring of rib, short coupled with correct angulation front and hind with true ground covering movement. Pleased to award him RDCC.

YD (4/3)

  1. Lewis’ Fallowfield Vincent 23 months old, another smart compact tri. Correct head and appealing expression, decent length of neck and correct front assembly, depth of chest, level topline and good quarters and tail set. Sound moving with fabulous reach and drive.

ND (1)

  1. Hunt & Ford’s Bondlea Woodlark 9 months old. Blanket tri with super pigment, good head and sweet expression, good length of neck, lay of shoulder and length of upper arm, decent round bone, moved well.

GD (3/1)

  1. Coates’ Gladstyle Noah Fence 2yo smart tri, smart outline of good proportions, giving his handler a hard time, lovely free reaching profile movement.

  2. Powell’s Hayapark Gershwin decent front assembly and rear angulation, would have preferred a firmer topline and a little more body.


PGD (2)

  1. Laughton’s Brimbleway Saving Grace overall good clean outline, would have preferred a better lay of shoulder to give more reach of neck, moved well in profile with good quarters.

  2. Leaders’ Rosrodens Debonair larger mould than 1, masculine head with soft expression, again smart outline, this older boy lacked enthusiasm and drive on the day.

LD (7)

  1. Taylor’s Deaconfield Kingcraft smaller compact mould, not a flashy hound but an honest sound moving boy not overdone in anyway. Moved true, showing both reach and drive.

  2. Henningsson-Dundas’ Julemark Luther tri dog not as true as one, excelled in profile preferred overall shape of 1. 

  3. Fraser’s Wyvisview Pinocchio.

OD (10)

  1. Craig’s Ch Davricard Jacob (Ai) well put together stallion hound, dark pigmentation, melting expression, good length of neck, lay of shoulder and length of upper arm. This boy also has a good forechest, spring of rib going well back, level topline, short coupled and strong angulated quarters allowing free flowing true movement. Delighted to award him BD & BIS.

  2. Hunt & Norris’ Ch Shercroft Apollo JW even though an older boy his correct sound build enables him to move correctly giving the youngsters a hard time.

  3. Jones’ Newlin Preston to Clairdale JW.


MPB (7)

  1. Craig’s Davricard Marcia (Ai) 6 months old promising tri. Dark eye with melting expression, low set long leathers.  Lovely neck, straight front, level topline, short coupled with well angulated quarters, good coming and going, covers the ground.

  2. Goldberg’s Molesend Crumble (Ai) 6 month t/w. Another promising youngster with many qualities. Beautiful head, soft expression and correctly set leathers. Good angulation both front and back, moved well fore and aft and in profile.

  3. Edge & James-Dow’s Jalhar Born to Perform 

PB (6)

  1. Parker & Stevens Serenaker Agatha Raisin. Lovely tri, nice head and sweetest expression, good reach of neck, shoulders well laid, holds a good top line, well balanced throughout, true coming and going and in profile.

  2. Hardisty’s Blunderhall No More Tears. Compact tri, correct head and kind dark eye. Good angulation front and back, moved well and covered the ground, not the neck of 1.

  3. Lennard’s Butterow Token.

JB (5,3a)

  1. Havard’s Annavah Buttercup, lovely t/w bitch excellent head and expression, good reach of neck, well laid shoulders, ribs well sprung extending well back, short coupled, level topline, well angulated quarters, correct set on of stern, moving true, showing a free easy stride. RCC

  2. Raymond’s Dialynne Back Off Subo feminine head with a beautiful expression, smart in outline, great profile, not the front of 1.


YB (5)

  1. Arden’s Annavah Star Above Madika good head, eye and ear placement, good length of neck, nice front assembly and depth of chest, short coupled, nicely muscled quarters, moved well.

  2. Hardisty’s Eardley Talking in Texas with Blunderhall another nice girl from this kennel, smaller mould than 1 and not quite the shoulder lay.

  3. Binks’ Tannahill Ruby


NB (7,1a)

  1. Brown’s / Mckleesum Athi small compact t/w bitch, correct head with beautiful expression. Nicely put together girl from her well laid shoulders, right through to her well angulated quarters, which allowed her to move true with ground covering stride and drive.

  2. Findlay’s Serenaker Miss Marple smart tri, beautiful in profile not as tight in front as one.

  3. Coates’ Gladstyle I Can Hope

GB (7,2a)

  1. Deans’ Gempeni Cornflower darkest of eyes and kind expression,  the longest of necks, good front assembly and overall smart outline. Parallel showing reach and drive.

  2. Banks & Rootes’ Forgebanks Roksana smart outline true coming and going.

  3. Bridgeman’s Kellitcreed Dirty Diana at Kingswin

PGB (10,4)

  1. Dean’s Gempeni Cornflower.

  2. Henningson-Dundas’ Julemark Lolita tri bitch, good chest and outline, moved well when settled.

  3. Lennard’s Butterow Skylark

LB (14,5a)

  1. Hardisty’s Blunderhall Fleur Tayshuss really smart open marked tri bitch with a lot to like, tracked up true but unfortunately she lacked enthusiasm on the day.

  2. Alexander’s Bethnor Iona very similar in type to 1 with several similar qualities, preferred bone of 1.

  3. Powell’s Hayapark Feather

OB (9,1a)

  1. Parker & Stevens Ch Serenaker Maid in America loved her, clean outline, lovely balanced bitch, good head with a dark eye and low set ears giving the sweetest expression, arched neck leading to well laid shoulder, elbows well tucked under, chest deep with well sprung ribs carried back, short coupled, level back, good bone and neat feet, well muscled quarters, moved parallel really covering the ground in profile, BCC

  2. Craig’s Bayard Glory Bee compact T&W girl with excellent bone and construction. Melting expression, kind dark eye and well defined head. Moved out well and maintained her topline, correct tail carriage and set.

  3. Harvard’s Annavah Lady Gaga

VB (6,1a)

  1. Hunt & Norris’ Shercroft Duchess JW 11 yo tri in tip top condition, smart outline, good length of neck, lay of shoulder and upper arm, well ribbed, short coupled and good rear angulation, proving that her good confirmation still enables her to move true showing reach and drive. BVIS                           

  2. Leaders’ Rosrodens Aphrodite 9yo with the  sweetest expression and darkest of eyes. Smart outline and did not disappoint on the move. Another golden oldie shown in lovely condition.

  3. Deans’ Gempeni Flower Girl

Stacey Burrows  Judge

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