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2023 Championship Show
Judge: Nicola Firth (Nictoney)

Best In Show & Best Puppy In Show

Felinoak Ffansi Nansi JW

Reserve Best In Show
Ch. Annavah Princess Tiana

Best Opposite Sex

Julemark Luther

Best Veteran In Show

Madika Spot On JW ShCM AW(P) VW

BIS Lineup.png





Dog CC

Julemark Luther

Reserve Dog CC

Ch. Newlin Preston to Clairdale JW

Best Puppy Dog

Fallowfield Fellman

Best Veteran Dog
Ch. Shercroft Apollo JW ShCM

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Dog Judging.png

Bitch CC

Felinoak Ffansi Nansi JW

Reserve Bitch CC

Ch. Annavah Princess Tiana

Best Puppy Bitch

Felinoak Ffansi Nansi JW

Best Veteran Bitch

Madika Spot On JW ShCM AW(P) VW

Bitch Lineup.png




Bitch Judging.png
Dog Classes

Dog CC

Julemark Luther

Reserve Dog CC

Ch. Newlin Preston to Clairdale JW

Best Puppy Dog

Fallowfield Fellman

Best Veteran Dog
Ch. Shercroft Apollo JW ShCM

Minor Puppy Dog  (2) 

1st:   Bayard Bee Good

2nd: Molesend Giorgio

 Puppy Dog  (2)

1st:    Fallowfield Fellman *BPD*

2nd:  Gladstyle You Only Live Once

Junior Dog  (2)

1st:    Davricard Gaultier

2nd:  Rossut Villein at Molesend JW

Yearling Dog  (1)

1st:    Clairdale Fusilier

Novice Dog  (0)

No entries

Graduate Dog  (1)

1st:    Lanesend Redcap Bushranger

Post Graduate Dog  (2)

1st:    Kubik Cziki Kopo at Kingswin (Imp. SRB)

2nd:  Molesend Colt (AI) (AY2)

Limit Dog  (4, 2)

1st:    Molesend Dice JW

2nd:  Molesend Verdict at Roddwood

Open Dog  (4)

1st:    Julemark Luther *DCC, BOS*

2nd:  Ch. Newlin Preston to Clairdale *RDCC*

3rd:   Deaconfield Kingcraft

Res:  Redcap Doctor Strange

Veteran Dog  (2)

1st:    Ch. Shercroft Apollo JW ShCM *BVD*

2nd:  Bjornhagen Sweet Bay Leaf JW ShCM ShCEX

Bitch Classes

Bitch CC

Felinoak Ffansi Nansi JW

Reserve Bitch CC

Ch. Annavah Princess Tiana

Best Puppy Bitch

Felinoak Ffansi Nansi JW

Best Veteran Bitch

Madika Spot On JW ShCM AW(P) VW

Minor Puppy Bitch  (3, 2)

1st:    Molesend Gingerbread

 Puppy Bitch  (2)

1st:    Felinoak Ffansi Nansi JW *BCC, BPB, BIS, BPIS*

2nd:  Fallowfield Flaxen

Junior Bitch  (4)

1st:    Annavah Belinda of Davricard

2nd:  Dufosee Julianna avec Annavah

3rd:   Butterow Unity

Res:  Kelcardi Claudia

Yearling Bitch  (1)

1st:    Rossut Vestry with Michelroy

Novice Bitch  (7, 1)

1st:    Butterow Unity

2nd:  Serenaker Margarita at Forgebanks

3rd:   Stormpasture Strumpette for Rosroden

Res:  Winner Takes It All to Redcap

VHC: Saltcliff Skylark

Graduate Bitch  (9, 1 wtd)

1st:    Annavah Nocturne at Barrvale

2nd:  Serenaker Margarita at Forgebanks

3rd:   Kellitcreed Cotton Candy

Res:  Julemark Persephone

VHC: Rossut Vestry with Michelroy

Post Graduate Bitch  (6)

1st:    Gladstyle Too Close To Call JW

2nd:  Deaconfield Lyric

3rd:   Saltcliff Ophelia

Res:  Blunderhall Blow A Fuse at Springstorm

VHC: Chatoyant Elissa

Limit Bitch  (11, 6)

1st:    Molesend Dormouse JW

2nd:  Annavah Star Above Madika AW(B)

3rd:   Shercroft Liberty JW

Res:  Forgebanks Roksana

VHC: Mailcom Sahara

Open Bitch  (8, 3)

1st:    Ch. Annavah Princess Tiana *RBCC, RBIS*

2nd:  Ch. Gempeni Cornflower ShCEX

3rd:   Barrvale Grace

Res:  Butterow Token

VHC: Molesend Crumble (AI)

Veteran Bitch  (3, 2)

1st:    Madika Spot On JW ShCM AW(P) VW *BVB, BVIS*


Judge's Critique

Many thanks to the committee for their kind invitation and for their hospitality. Having the show jointly with Darlington, does mean a lot of waiting around as the Darlington Judge has priority and to be fair on exhibitors entered under both judges.


The entry was very mixed both in terms of quality and type and the quality was much better in the bitches.  I was pleased with my main dog winners and was spoilt for choice in the bitch challenge. Feet in general were better than when I last judged but many exhibits had long nails which spoils the shape




1.Ms M Pocklington-Hall`s Bayard Bee Promising  tan and white puppy. Well balanced head, soft expression and dark eye, Compact body with level topline , good bone and substance for size, showed  well and moved steadily and soundly.

2. Mr & Mrs M W & J S Goldberg`s Molesend Giorgio Tri boy out of a larger mould and a little gangly at the moment. His head is a little plain and needs to develop. Pleasing outline and good length of neck and well set tail. He moved out well in profile but needs to settle in front.


PD 2 

1. C Lewis Fallowfield Fellman Tri dog, masculine head with soft expression, well set leathers of correct length, good neck and shoulder, topline ok, a little long over loin & tail set a little low  Moved out well BPD

2.J & D Coates Gladstyle You Only Live Once Smart blanket tri, masculine head, soft expression, a little stuffy in neck and short in upper arm, level topline and good tailset, moved ok.


JD 2

1.Mr D R Craig`s Davricard Gaultier attractive tan and white  good length of neck, level topline and correct tailset.  Well balanced, moved very soundly with plenty of drive. Would just like to see more masculinity in head

2. Mr & Mrs M W & J S Goldberg`s Rossut Villein At Molesend  Tri dog, pleasing head with soft expression, good eye colour but lower eyelids a little droopy today, well set & good length of leather, good neck, shoulder & depth of chest. Level topline and correct tailset. Moved out well in profile 


YD 1

1. Miss C Jones Clairdale Fusilier. Smart blanket Tri, good length of neck and  well laid back shoulders, correct feet. Level topline, good tailset Well developed quarters. Covered the ground well on the move


GD 1

1.Miss A M Phillips Lanesend Redcap Bushranger.  Up to size. Masculine head with soft expression and dark eye. Reachy neck and well angulated shoulder good depth of body and forechest coupled with plenty of substance and bone. Moved well in profile, though tends to drop over croup, front a little erratic

PGD 3 (1a)

1. D Bridgeman & H Logues Kubik Csiki Kopo At Kingswin(Imp Srb) Very well constructed T/W, head a little overdone but still has soft expression, well set ears of good length, good neck into well angulated shoulder, correct depth of chest , good bone. Level topline & set on of tail, lovely well angulated quarters which enabled him to move out with reach and drive

2.Mr Eric & Mrs Julie Jones Molesend Colt (AI) (Ay2) Free showing tan and white good head with soft expression. level topline and correct tailset, Moved soundly


LD 3,1a

1. Mrs S Leaders Molesend Dice well presented T/W , masculine head with soft expression, good bone & depth of chest, level topline and tailset, good quarters, moved soundly.

2. Mr Jim & Mrs Julie Woodcock Molesend Verdict At Roddwood  smaller Tan and white, happy showman In great condition and nicely constructed with level topline. Moved accurately.  


OD 4

1 Mrs M & Mr R Henningsson Dundas’ Julemark Luther. Lovely masculine head with soft expression good reachy neck into well angulated shoulder, nice deep chest and good bone and feet. Level topline into well set and carried stern. Strong well angulated quarters which powered him round with plenty of drive CC.

2.Miss C Jones Ch Newlin Preston To Clairdale J W  Free showing, tri boy , pleasing head with soft expression , good angulation and correct feet. He really comes into his own on the move with lots of reach and drive. Res CC  .

3. Miss D Taylor Deaconfield Kingcraft 

VD 2

1.Mrs M Hunt & Miss J Norris Ch Shercroft Apollo J W Shcm. Nearly 9 years happy Tan and white, good bone and substance. level topline, moved with reach and drive.

2. Bjornhagen Sweet Bay Leaf. JW, SCHm SHcex, Smart Tricolour 7 yrs, pleasing head, good neck level topline, moved soundly.



MPB 3 ,2

1. Mr M W &Mrs J S Goldberg Molesend Gingerbread.  Feminine tan and white very much a baby. Head needs to develop and needs to strengthen in back, good movement in profile although a little close behind.


PB 2

1.Mrs C Tanner Felinoak Ffansi Nansi  Super tricolour puppy bitch ( who I have seen the heels of in many classes this year!) Beautiful feminine head, well set leathers. So well constructed, reachy neck into well laid shoulders straight topline and correct tailset. She moved perfectly in all directions, totally sound and covering the ground in profile , pleased to award her the CC, Best in Show & Best Puppy

2 Mrs C Lewis Fallowfield Flaxen Pretty T/w, good outline when stacked, needs to settle on the move.


JB 4

1.Mr D R Craig Annavah Belinda Of Davricard  Quality bitch,presented in super condition and who showed well. Ultra feminine head , well shaped with dark eye. Compact body,  good forechest and depth, lovely bone and well manicured feet with short nails.  Correct rear angulation. Moved very soundly considered for top honours.

2. Miss L A & Mrs PJ Havard Dufosee Julianna Avec Annavah  Another quality Feminine tan and white. Smaller mould but with plenty of  bone and substance. Lovely head and expression with dark eyes and good pigmentation. Moved soundly.

3. Mrs J & Mr K E Lennard Butterow Unity


YB 1

1.Mrs N Scarlett Rossut Vestry with Michelroy, Smart blanket Tricolour ,a little plain in head but good pigment, well set ears of good length, a little short in neck, good depth of chest, moved ok.


NB 7 

1 .B Unity 3rd in the strong Junior class, Tricolour slightly larger, houndier bitch , pleasing head with low set leathers , super  neck and well laid shoulders. Straight front , Moved out well.

2. Mrs P J & Miss D V Banks  Serenaker Margarita at Forgebanks T/W pleasing feminine head, level topline, sound quarters , moved well.

3. Mr D & Mrs R Mead Stormpasture Strumpette for Rosroden


GB 9 1W

1. Mrs V M Davies Annavah Nocturne At Barrvale. Pretty young bitch well balanced with a classic outline. Good length of neck, well laid shoulders and level topline.  Moved out well but was affected by the cold wind.

2. Serenaker Margarita at Forgebanks.

3. J Beard Kellitcreed Cotton Candy


PG 6

1.Mrs D Coates Gladstyles Too Close to Call. Pretty T/W pleasing head with feminine expression, good neck and shoulder, level topline, good bone and depth. Moved out well.

2. Miss D Taylor Deaconfield Lyric  Well balanced T/W Attractive head with dark pigmentation. Nicely constructed with good depth of chest. Good rear movement.

3. Miss H Gooderham Saltcliff Ophelia


LB 11, 5

1. Mr M W & Mrs J S Goldberg Molesend Dormouse JW.Very feminine tan and white , lovely head with good pigment, good neck and shoulder , plenty of depth of chest and good bone, strong quarters, moved soundly from all angles.

2. Mrs S Arden Annavah Star Above Madika Aw(B)  lovely bitch, soft feminine head of lovely shape reachy neck correct shoulder level topline and tailset, good depth of chest and bone, covers the ground on the move. Looked a bit tucked up today

3. Mrs M Hunt & Miss J Norris Shercroft Liberty


OB 8, 3

1.Miss L A & Mrs P J Havard Ch Annavah Princess Tiana. Ultra classy tricolour bitch, lovely head , good neck well laid shoulder, compact body , level topline, plenty of bone, excellent quarters, moved beautifully from all angles. Showed well but didn’t quite have the sparkle of the Puppy, Res CC & Reserve BIS.

2. Ms H Deans Ch Gempeni Cornflower Shcex. quality bitch of a larger mould. Free showing and well presented. Attractive head with soft expression, super reachy neck and well laid back shoulders. Good depth of chest, level topline, well padded feet and strong hind quarters. On the move she really covers the ground with impressive reach and drive.

3. Mrs V Davies Barrvale Grace -completed a lovely trio


VB 3, 2

1. Mrs S Arden Madika Spot On JW Shcm Aw(P) A really happy girl and enjoying every moment Pleasing feminine head, good forechest and well rounded ribs.Well muscled quarters, moved out well. Her ‘joie de vivre’ just gave her the edge over the veteran dog BV.


Nicola Firth (Judge)

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