2019 Championship Show
* Golden Anniversary - Celebrating 50 Years of Four Counties Championship Shows *

Dogs: Denise Ashmore (Buttermere)
Bitches: Dawn Banks (Forgebanks)
Referee: Tommy Anderson (Rossmaith)

Best In Show
Ch. Annavah Knick Knack

Reserve Best In Show
Serenaker Maid In America

Best Opposite Sex
Ch. Annavah Felix

Best Puppy In Show
Charterwood Sovereign

Best Veteran In Show

Molesend Kaftan JW ShCM





Dog CC
Ch. Annavah Felix

Reserve Dog CC
Davricard Harlequin JW

Best Puppy Dog
Charterwood Sovereign

Best Veteran Dog
Molesend Kaftan JW ShCM





Bitch CC
Ch Annavah Knick Knack

Reserve Bitch CC
Serenaker Maid In America

Best Puppy Bitch
Annavah Lady Gaga

Best Veteran Bitch
Raimex Rowanberry JW






Photos and Videos from the day


Dog CC
Ch. Annavah Felix

Reserve Dog CC
Davricard Harlequin JW

Best Puppy Dog
Charterwood Sovereign

Best Veteran Dog
Molesend Kaftan JW ShCM

Minor Puppy Dog  (4) 

1st:    Charterwood Storm

2nd:  Sparrowgill Smarty

3rd:   Rossut Whisperer
Res:  Wyvisview Macaskill

 Puppy Dog  (4, 1)

1st:    Charterwood Sovereign  *BPD, BPIS*

2nd:  Divinebrae All Fired Up

3rd:   Canowindra Invictus

Junior Dog  (3)

1st:    Annavah Phoenix

2nd:  Rhiconich Rhys

3rd:   Madika Hot Spot

Novice Dog  (1)

1st:    Divinebrae All Fired Up


Graduate Dog  (2)

1st:    Charterwood Category

2nd:  Madika Hot Spot

Post Graduate Dog  (9, 2)
The Barughgreen Beagles Past and Present Class

1st:    Newlin Perth at Molesend JW

2nd:  Eardley Alec Tricity at Blunderhall JW

3rd:   Fallowfield Interesting
Res:  Divinebrae Coming Soon at Dapperdawg

VHC: Beighleigh Bilberry

Mid Limit Dog  (4)

1st:    Rhiconich Jarvis

2nd:  Bjornhagen Sweet Bay Leaf JW ShCM

3rd:   Divinebrae Play The Game
Res:  Newlin Preston to Clairedale JW

Limit Dog  (5)

The Ch. Madika Nutcase "Miles" Class


1st:    Davricard Harlequin JW  *RDCC*

2nd:  Charterwood Harvest

3rd:   Fallowfield Adored at Rhiconich
Res:  Cliffmere Mindful of Shercroft JW
VHC: Blunderhall Moondog

Open Dog  (7)

The Ch. Rossmaith Black Velvet Class

1st:    Ch. Annavah Felix  *DCC, BOS*

2nd:  Serenaker Hot as 'Ell

3rd:   Ch. Rossut Endeavoured
Res:  Ch. Tannahill Kent
VHC: Hokey Pokey Tergyan with Fallowfield

Veteran Dog  (3, 1)

The Seevad Highlite Class

1st:    Molesend Kaftan JW ShCM  *BVD, BVIS*

2nd:  Bondlea Layman


Bitch CC
Ch Annavah Knick Knack

Reserve Bitch CC
Serenaker Maid In America

Best Puppy Bitch
Annavah Lady Gaga

Best Veteran Bitch
Raimex Rowanberry JW

Minor Puppy Bitch  (9, 1) 

The Mailcom Sahara Class

1st:    Annavah Lady Gaga *BPB*

2nd:  Mckleesum Athi

3rd:   Fallowfield Royal Rosie
Res:  Evalux Cashmere upon Rundle (Imp. ITA)

VHC: Coachbarn Crier

 Puppy Bitch  (8, 2)

The Ch. Coachbarn Cobweb Class

1st:    Davricard Jazzmine

2nd:  Mckleesum Athi

3rd:   Dapperdawg Spritzen

Res:  Dughallmor Peggy Sue

VHC: Rosroden Hell She's Agoodun

Junior Bitch  (8, 1)

The Serenaker Spellcaster at Charmagic Class

1st:    Rhiconich Primrose

2nd:  Barterhound Princess

3rd:   Divinebrae She's On Fire

Res:  Dapperdawg Spritzen
VHC: Glenbrows Bright Eyes

Novice Bitch  (7, 2)

1st:    Barterhound Princess

2nd:  Evalux Cashmere upon Rundle (Imp. ITA)

3rd:   Glenbrows Bright Eyes

Res:  Coachbarn Crier
VHC: Michelroy Pizzazz

Graduate Bitch  (6)

The Raimex Kiara Class

1st:    Molesend Tranquil

2nd:  Barterhound Princess

3rd:   Blitzlilie Winter Is Coming

Res:  Orchidvale Merry Go Round of Breskar

VHC: Gempeni Ballet JW ShCM

Post Graduate Bitch  (11, 1)

The Barughgreen Beagles Past and Present Class

1st:    Hayapark Feather

2nd:  Madika Spot On JW ShCM AW(S)

3rd:   Mailcom Sahara
Res:  Stormpasture Musette at Springholme

VHC: Canowindra Fair Eva

Mid Limit Bitch  (7)

The Ch. Seevad High Fashion Class

1st:    Serenaker Maid In America *RBCC, RBIS*

2nd:  Coachbarn Celeste

3rd:   Charterwood Golden Gem
Res:  Dialynne Popcorn

VHC: Redcap Bella Sorella JW ShCM

Limit Bitch  (14, 1)

The Clairdale Bryanie Class

1st:    Detrick Firefly over Divinebrae

2nd:  Clairdale Damia

3rd:   Shercroft Arina
Res:  Canowindra Golden Lilac
VHC: Rhiconich Fionnuala

Open Bitch  (10, 2)

The Ch. Rossmaith Watchful Class

1st:    Ch. Annavah Knick Knack *BCC, BIS*

2nd:  Ch. Davricard Honeybee

3rd:   Ch. Molesend Secret JW
Res:  Serenaker Elle's Belles
VHC: Canowindra Golden Lilac

Veteran Bitch  (10, 1)

The Orchidvale Angelica of Breskar ShCM Class

1st:    Raimex Rowanberry JW *BVB*

2nd:  Gempeni Flower Girl JW ShCM

3rd:   Clairdale Willowmena ShCM

Res:  Shercroft Duchess JW ShCM

VHC: Brigam Lace Stockings of Breskar


Junior Handling - Judged by Jackie Fraser (Wyvisview)

1st: Ella Findlay - 14

2nd: Kyra Harrison - 13

3rd: Ellise Hazard - 12

4th: Summer Brown - 7


Judge's Critique


Thank you to the Officers & Committee of Four Counties Beagle Club for the honour of judging the Dogs at their 50th Anniversary show & their hospitality at their very well run & friendly show & the exhibitors for allowing me to go over their dogs. A couple of points to watch are front construction & several hounds were moving close behind. Also I must thank my Steward Helen Johnson for the professional way she kept the ring running smoothly all day with a lovely smile.


I came together with my co judge Dawn Banks for judging the top awards & we both agreed that BIS should go to the beautiful bitch Havard's Ch Annavah Knick Knack, we could not agree on RBIS & the Referee Tommy Anderson was called upon & he awarded this to the RBB Parker & Stevens Serenaker Maid In America, I loved this bitch who had super true parallel movement going away from me which I have not seen for such a long long time in a beagle but I felt she needs a few more months of maturity. We both agreed on the Dog for BPIS Philpott Charterwood Sovereign & the Veteran Dog Goldberg's Molesend Kaftan JW ShCM  for BVIS.

- - -

Minor Puppy Dog  (4.0)

1st    99   Philpott - Charterwood Storm

7 mth old blanket tri puppy, well balanced all round, good soft masculine head & expression & length of ear, lovely tight feet & bone, level top line, good front & rear angulation, nice turn of stifle, moved okay but needs time to gain ring presence & matuity


2nd    28   Close - Sparrowgill Smarty

Very smart 6 mth old, masculine head, dark eye & pigment, good length of neck, balanced with sound front & lovely rear angulation, nice bone & tight feet, showing maturity for age, moved very well around the ring


3rd      113    Sutton - Rossut Whisperer


- - -

Puppy Dog  (4.1)

1st   100   Philpott - Charterwood Sovereign

So different in looks to his litter brother, MPD winner, he has maturity for his age, loved his head, masculine & well proportioned with a mild expression, dark eye & pigment, super length of leathers, good reach of neck, correct front & well off for bone, tight feet, level topline & good tail set, good front & rear angulation, moved well BDP & even better to win BPIS


2nd    33    Cuthill - Divenbrae All Fired Up

Blanket tri of a nice size, well proportioned, head with dark pigment & eye, good reach of neck leading to a good front & rear angulation, nice bone, level topline, moved well both coming & going


3rd   110   Richmond - Canowindra Invictus 


- - -

Junior Dog  (3.0)

1st    63    Havard's - Annavah Phoenix

Quality ultra smart well balanced dog of lovely size for age & good breed type, still some maturing to do but his time will come for top honours. Masculine head with a soft expression, good planes & dark eye, dark pigment, good length of neck leading to a sound front with good bone & tight feet, super level topline & tail set, very good turn of stifle, moved very well around the ring, one to watch for the future


2nd    46    Findlay's - Rhiconich Rhys

 Masculine headed dog of good size but longer in back, level topline & good tail set, good reach of neck, sound front, good bone & rear quarters with good bend of stifle, moved well


3rd    3     Arden - Madika Hot Spot


- - -

Novice  Dog  (1.0)

1st    33    Cuthill - Divenbrae All Fired Up

- - -

Graduate Dog  (2.0)

1st    101    Philpott - Charterwood Category

 Masculine headed well proportioned 14mth old dog, very dark eye & pigment, sound front with tight shoulders & good forechest, well ribbed, level topline, good rear angulation, well handled & presented, moved well coming & going


2nd    3      Arden - Madika Hot Spot

Larger mould open marked dog, masculine head with a soft expression, dark eye & pigment, lovely front & tight feet, good rear angulation, with enough stifle, moved okay & shown well on a loose lead which I appreciated


- - -

Post Graduate Dog  (9.2)

 1st    54    Goldberg's - Newlin Perth at Molesend JW

Liked this kennels type & quality, lovely sized dog, well balanced, masculine head of good proportions, dark pigment, good bone & tight feet, level topline & lovely tail set, sound front & rear angulation, moved very true both ways driving from the rear


2nd   60    Hardisty - Eardly Alec Tricity At Blunderhall JW

 A dog of good size, well balanced, masculine head & good reach of neck, good bone & rear quarters, enough stifle, moving very well around the ring


3rd    27    Close - Fallowfield Interesting


- - -

Mid Limit Dog  (4.0)


1st    47   Findlay's - Rhiconich Jarvis

Lovely sized dog sturdy well balanced, masculine headed dog in proportion with a kind expression, enough neck, good sound front & rear angulation, short loin, level topline, positive movement, moved very well coming & going

2nd    83   Lovatt's - Bjornhagen Sweet Bay Leaf JW ShCM

Lovely head masculine with a very soft expression, good planes, dark eye & pigment, good reach of neck, lovely bone & feet, well laid shoulders & good rear, enough stifle, moving true both ways

3rd    35    Cuthill - Divinbrae Play The Game

- - -

Limit Dog  (5.0)

1st    30    Craig - Davricard Harlequin

Super sized dog all round, lovely head & expression, long neck leading into well laid shoulders, deep chest & well ribbed, lovely forechest, good bone & tight feet, lovely front & rear angulation, level topline, shown & presented well moving true round the ring RDCC

2nd    102   Philpott - Charterwood Harvest

Short coupled dog, lovely head with good proportions, deep stop with dark eye & pigment, lovely reach of neck, well off for bone & tight feet, good front & enough stifle, level topline, moved & presented well

3rd     48    Findlay's - Fallowfield Adored at Rhiconich

- - -

Open Dog  (7.0)

1st     64    Havard's - Ch Annavah Felix

Very smart & super size all round, compact, quality dog from a kennel that is producing a lovely sound type that are shown & put down to perfection. Good masculine head & expression well proportioned, super reach of neck leading into a sound front with good forechest, chest deep & well ribbed, good length of leathers, correct bone & feet, super angulation front & rear with a lovely turn of stifle. Moved well both ways covering the ground well & driving from the rear, did not put a foot wrong to take the DCC

2nd    95    Parker & Stevens - Serenaker Hot as Ell

Liked this one a lot, lovely proportioned head with a masculine soft expression, good forechest, sound front & well angulated muscular hind quarters, firm level topline, spooked at first when moving by the flash of a camera ringside but later moved very well driving well from the rear

3rd   114   Sutton - Ch Rossut Endeavoured                   

- - -

Veteran Dog  (3.1)

1st    55    Goldberg's - Molesend Kaftan JW ShCM

Loved this quality 7 half year old T/W male shown on a loose lead, masculine head with a kind expression, well proportioned & well balanced throughout, lovely bone & feet, super firm level topline, sound front & very good rear angulation & stifles, moved well round the ring BVD & BVIS

2nd   86    McBain's - Bondlea Layman

7 year old smart tri dog of a larger mould, well balanced, nice head & masculine expression, good reach of neck, lovely bone & feet, level topline & good set on tail, well angulated front & rear quarters, moving well

Judge (Dogs) - Denise K Ashmore

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -



I would like to thank the committee for inviting me as one of the late replacement judges for the 50th Anniversary Show. I would like to say thank you especially to the exhibitors that entered for the original judge but continued to support the Club at their show. A lovely entry made for some difficult decisions in some of the classes and some beautiful hounds going cardless.

- - -

Minor Puppy Bitch  (9, 1)

1st: Havard’s Annavah Lady Gaga. 6mnths pretty dark tri,very raw baby but very promising. Well arched neck into a good layback of shoulder. Level topline, correct tailset, lovely round bone down to tight feet. Move out well BPB.

2nd: Brown’s McLeesum Athi. A beautiful t/w girl. Super shape and size, very good dark pigmentation, dark eye giving the desired melting expression. Another good mover.

3rd: Lewis’ Fallowfield Royal Rosie.

- - -

Puppy Bitch  (8)

1st: Craig’s Davricard Jazzmine. Mature 10mnth old, Lovely head, well arched neck leading onto super front assembly. Good forechest, bone and tight feet. Balanced in the hindquarters, moved with purpose straight and true.

2nd:Brown’s McLeesum Athi.

3rd: Hill’s Dapperdawg Spritzen

- - -

Junior Bitch  (8, 1)

1st: Findlay’s Rhiconich Primrose. Very feminine head, super dark eye and lovely expression. Good shoulder placement to level topline and correct stern set. Moved with reach and drive.


2nd: Roderick’s Barterhound Princess. Black blanket, very close up to 1. Very good head proportions, length of neck and forequarters. Good depth to chest, well sprung ribs. Another good mover.


3rd: Binks & Stewart’s Divinbrae She’s on Fire.


- - -

Novice Bitch  (7)

1st: Roderick’s B Princess.


2nd: Dawson & Goodall’s Evalux Cashmere Upon Rundle (imp Ita). Lovely t/w girl. Super length of neck, correct shoulder placement, firm at the elbow. Level topline, good bend of stifle. Moved true.


3rd: Dawson & Goodall’s Glenbrows Bright Eyes.


- - -

Graduate Bitch  (6)

1st: Goldberg’s Molesend Tranquil. A lovely head framed by low set on and good length of leather. Moved out well from very good front assembly. Good depth to chest with well sprung rib. Very nice overall.


2nd: Roderick’s B Princess.

3rd: McBain’s Blitzlilie Winter Is Coming.


- - -

Post Graduate Bitch  (11, 1)

1st: Powell’s Hayapark Feather. A lovely girl of good proportions throughout. Very balanced for and aft, compact body, firm elbow round bone into short pasterns and tight feet. Moved out well. Won from a strong class.


2nd: Arden’s Madika Spot On JW AW(S). A super showgirl really enjoying herself. A pleasure to watch on the move. Good reach and drive. Balanced picture in profile. Pushed 1 hard, nothing to dislike.


3rd: Hazard’s Mailcom Sahara.


- - -

Mid Limit Bitch  (7)

1st: Parker & Stevens’ Serenaker Maid In America. A super girl of 18mnths, maturing nicely. Excelled in head, soft expression, eye shape and colour. Well arched neck into correct forequarters, level topline, round bone with well padded feet. Super hindquarters. Loved her movement, effortless around the ring. RCC & RBIS.


2nd: Kimber’s Coachbarn Celeste. A very smart looking Black blanket tri. Beautiful dark eyes, very soulful expression in a head of good proportions. Compact in body and shown in good hard condition, moved with reach and drive.


3rd: Phillpott’s Charterwood Golden Gem.


- - -

Limit Bitch  (14, 1)

1st: Cuthill’s Detrick Firefly Over Divinbrae. Won from a strong class where some good hounds left cardless. Nice neat package, compact body long low set leathers on a good head. Reachy neck, level topline. Excelled in hindquarters. Showed good reach and drive.


2nd: Jones’ Clairdale Damia. Similar attributes to 1 for size and shape. Feminine head, lovely dark eye. Nicely put together and moved well. Just carrying a little too much condition.


3rd: Hunt, Norris & Carmichael’s Shercroft Arina.


- - -

Open Bitch  (10, 1)

1st: Havard’s CH Annavah Knick Knack. What a super girl, so deserving of her title. Filled my eye and delivered the whole package. Of  a good size and shape, super in profile from her well proportioned feminine head to reachy neck, level topline, correct stern set, down to good round bone and tight feet. A good bend of stifle and well developed 2nd thigh. Effortless movement in all directions. Very true. CC and in agreement with my co-judge BIS.

2nd: Craig’s Ch Davricard Honeybee. A beautiful hound of good substance. Most feminine head with a melting expression. Good angulation for and aft, well let down chest with a good spring of rib. Moved well and pushed 1 hard.

3rd: Goldberg’s Ch Molesend Secret.

- - -

Veteran Bitch  (10, 1)

1st: Brown’s Raimex Rowanberry JW lovely 9yr old, super head with a kind dark eye. Well proportioned body shown in good condition. Won from strong opposition. Moved well.  BVB


2nd: Dean’s Gempeni flower Girl JW ShCM. A 7yr old open tri, lovely shape and size, deep chest ,level topline held on the move. Nicely put together.


3rd: Jones’ Clairdale Willomena ShCM.


Judge (Bitches) - Dawn Banks

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