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2017 Championship Show - Judged by Ruth Lockett-Walters (Ralines)

Best In Show
Ch Dialynne Peter Piper

Best Opposite Sex
Ch Eardley Jay Walking

Reserve Best In Show
Fallowfield Chancer (AI)

Best Puppy In Show
Dialynne Just Ella

Best Veteran In Show
Ch, Ir Ch & Ger Ch Serenaker Devil in Disguise

Class results

Dog CC
Ch Dialynne Peter Piper

Reserve Dog CC
Fallowfield Chancer (AI)

Best Puppy Dog
Serenaker Hot As 'Ell

Best Veteran Dog
Ch, Ir Ch & Ger Ch Serenaker Devil in Disguise


Minor Puppy Dog  (6) 

1st:    Fallowfield Idiot

2nd:  Fallowfield Interesting

3rd:   Rundle Pursuit

Res:  Bjornhagen Sweet Bay Leaf

VHC: Rosroden Debonair

Puppy Dog  (5) 

1st:    Serenaker Hot As 'Ell *BPD*

2nd:  Rhiconich Jarvis

3rd:   Charterwood Black Baron

Res:  Bjornhagen Sweet Bay Leaf

VHC: Rosroden Debonair

Junior Dog  (1) 

1st:    Troopersway Gladiator

Novice Dog  (4) 

1st:    Fallowfield Chancer (AI) *RDCC, RBIS*

2nd:  Lyndex Kieran

3rd:   Rhiconich Jarvis

Res:  Bjornhagen Sweet Bay Leaf

Graduate Dog  (4) 

1st:    Troopersway Gladiator

2nd:  Lyndex Kieran

3rd:   Charterwood Fortune

Res:  Merrilyn Get Off My Cloud

Post Graduate Dog  (3) 

1st:    Eardley Walk The Talk at Tagahound

2nd:  Lyndex Kieran 

3rd:   Sparrowgill Summersby

Mid Limit Dog  (2) 

1st:    Bjornhagen Jalapeno Chilli ShCM

2nd:  Fallowfield Adored at Rhiconich

Limit Dog  (6) 

1st:    Rosanka Nolte JW

2nd:  Rossut Endeavoured

3rd:   Blunderhall Ray of Hope

Res:  Rhiconich Finleigh

VHC: Donay Freeman at Troopersway

Open Dog  (5) 

1st:    Ch Dialynne Peter Piper *DCC, BIS*

2nd:  Annavah Felix

3rd:   Davricard Brandon 

Res:  Ch Janfrey Randal Upon Rundle JW ShCM 

VHC: Bayard Follow My Trail

Veteran Dog  (2) 

1st:    Ch, Ir Ch & Ger Ch Serenaker Devil in Disguise *BVD, BVIS*

2nd:  Bjornhagen Lemon Verbena ShCM

Bitch CC
Ch Eardley Jay Walking

Reserve Bitch CC
Dialynne Just Ella

Best Puppy Bitch
Dialynne Just Ella

Best Veteran Bitch
Newlin Chalice at Molesend JW


​​Minor Puppy Bitch  (9) 

1st:    Rossut Joyful

2nd:  Fallowfield Innocent

3rd:   Davricard Honeybee

Res:  Blunderhall Bootylicious

VHC: Molesend Rumour


Puppy Bitch  (13, 3) 

1st:    Felinoak Bailey's 'n' Ice

2nd:  Davricard Scilla

3rd:   Serenaker Elle's Belles

Res:  Rossut Jaunting

VHC: Blunderhall Bona Fida from Eardley

Junior Bitch  (7, 2) 

1st:    Serenaker Daydream

2nd:  Charterwood Fantasy Island

3rd:   Gempeni Ballet

Res:  Raimex Reed Bunting

VHC: Ruda Spod Zieloynch Sosen at Poppyville (IMP POL)


Novice Bitch  (5, 1) 

1st:    Fallowfield Xena

2nd:  Broadshore Abbracci at Molesend

3rd:   Ruda Spod Zieloynch Sosen at Poppyville (IMP POL)

Res:  Dapperdawg Miss Chief

Graduate Bitch  (4) 

1st:    Dialynne Just Ella *BPB, RBCC, BPIS*

2nd:  Gempeni Ballet

3rd:   Clairdale Damia

Res:  Raimex Reed Bunting

Post Graduate Bitch  (13, 2) 

1st:    Rosroden Cherry Kisses

2nd:  Divinebrae Pop My Cork

3rd:   Madika Spot On JW

Res:  Tarnry Florence at Poppyville

VHC: Stormpasture Musette at Springholme

Mid Limit Bitch  (6) 

1st:    Annavah Imagine

2nd:  Clairdale Willowmena ShCM

3rd:   Stormpasture Juliette of Rosroden

Res:  Gempeni Flower Girl JW ShCM

VHC: Charmagic Viennese Waltz

Limit Bitch  (10) 

1st:    Rossut Damsel

2nd:  Davricard Musetta

3rd:   Annavah Knick Knack

Res:  Dialynne Alanya avec Blunderhall

VHC: Detrick Firefly over Divinebrae

Open Bitch  (7, 2) 

1st:    Ch Eardley Jay Walking *BCC, BOS*

2nd:  Dialynne Pickled Pepper
3rd:   Ch Serenaker Fashion

Res:  Ch Raimex Brittany JW

VHC: Franjean Check Me Out at Fairleedale

Veteran Bitch  (4) 

1st:    Newlin Chalice at Molesend JW *BVB*

2nd:  Ir Ch Barterhound Bouquet for Gempeni JW ShCM

3rd:   Raimex Rowanberry JW

Res:  Moonjoon Sweet Nothings ShCM


Judge's Critique

I would like to thank the Society for the opportunity of awarding CC's in this breed for the first time and the exhibitors for the quality entry. Also many thanks to my very helpful steward.



MPD (6,1) 1 Lewis Fallowfield Idiot, unfortunate name for such a lovely puppy and he certainly did not live up to his name - well balanced thought out, lovely head bone and feet, well placed shoulder and outstanding rear drive stood away from the others. 2 Close Fallowfield Interesting, litter brother to my winner and very much alike, the winner I felt at this stage was more balanced overall and this youngster is a touch longer cast in body, again lovely hind quarters and drive with maturity they will change places many times no doubt. 3 Dawson & Goodall's Rundle Persuit.


PD (5) 1 Parker & Stevens Serenaker Hot As Ell, tri pleasing head and expression, good reach of neck, excellent shoulder and front, well ribbed and strong coupling balanced hindquarter which he uses to the full, overall clean streamline shape and balance. 2 Findlay's Rhiconich Jarvis, lovely head, good neck and shoulder but front not so developed as the winner. 3 Phillpott's Charterwood Black Baron.


JD (1) 1 Peterson's Troopersway Gladiator, well boned youngster, well up to size hope he does not grow on any more, balanced picture overall, pleasing head, sufficient neck shoulder lay correct but could do with more length of upper arm, despite this he moves true in front and can drive behind.


ND (4) 1 Lewis Fallowfield Chancer, tri fell in love with this youngster still needs to mature but he is so typical of breed type superb head, sufficient neck, ample bone and lovely feet, good lay of shoulder of the correct angles, good depth to front just needs to finish and tighten slightly in front on the move, sufficient spring of rib and strong through the coupling has the most fantastic well angulated hindquarters which he uses to the full driving from the hocks, keeps a lovely profile on the move RCC & RBIS. 2 Player's Lyndex Kieron, extremely sound to go over and well balanced but does not have the rear angulation or drive of the winner. 3 Findlay's Rhiconich Jarvis.


GD (4) 1 Peterson's Troopersway Gladiator. 2 Player's Lyndex Kieron. 3 Charterwood Black Baron.


PGD (3) A difficult class to sort out. 1 Holland's Eardley Walk The Talk At Tagahound, T&W pleasing head, sufficient neck, but too heavy in shoulder, good depth to front, lovely bone, good ribbing, sound well angulated hindquarters, kept the best outline on the move which earned him his place. 2 Player's Lyndex Kieron. 3 Sparrowgill Summerbersby.


MLD (2) 1 Lovatt's Bjornhagen Jalapeno Chilli, really pleasing to go over, has a good clean outline and moves soundly. 2 Findlay's Fallowfield Adored At Rhiconich, very nice head, shown in lovely condition, compact balanced body but preferred front movement of the winner.


LD (6) 1 Brannan's Rosanka Nolte, most impressed with the quality of this dog to go over, superb head excellent bone and feet, lovely neck, best of shoulders and front, well ribbed, and strong and sturdy through the coupling, excels in rear angulation and drives out from the hock, keeps a lovely outline on the move, pushed hard for the RCC felt he is just still not finished and the best is yet to come. 2 Sutton's Rossut Endeavoured, a very close decision typical head of lovely proportions, strong neck of sufficient length, good shoulder placement and deeper and more finished in front than the winner, sufficient rear angulation but not the drive of 1. Very close decision and just came down to matter of personal preference in type. 3 Blunderhall Ray of Hope.


OD (5) 1 Spavin's Ch Dialynne Peter Piper, eye catching blanket tri that shows his socks off, he is of such lovely breed type, catches your eye immediately especially on the move, superb bone and feet, masculine head and expression, sufficient neck excellent body and topline, well set on stern. Shown in tiptop condition and shown to perfection. CC BOB & BIS 2 Harvard's Annavah Felix, another really handsome masculine hound that fills the eye, really well made lovely outline, not quite so well coupled in the body as the winner but can really move out. 3 Davicard Brandon.


VD (2) 1 Parker & Stevens Ch Ir & Germ Ch Serenaker Devil In Disguise, tricolour a real credit to his owner, in excellent condition and maintaining his shape, lovely breed type and shown in excellent condition, and he can still move out BVIS. 2 Lovatt's Bjornhagen Lemon Verbena, still in good condition for his age and really well presented.


MPB (9) There were some real quality puppies in this class. 1 Sutton's Rossut Joyful. 2 Lewis's Fallowfield Innocent, these two I found it difficult to split both very much alike in some respects, both are of lovely breed type, both have beautiful feminine heads, sufficient neck good shoulder, fronts developing well, ribbing and coupling correct, sufficient rear angulation, felt the first had a touch more substance and was a little neater in hind movement, sure they will change places as they mature on. 3 Davicard Honeybee.


PB (13) Another quality class which puts the breed in good stead. 1 Tanner's Felinoak Baileys N Ice, very attractive eyecatching youngster, lovely to go over has everything I was looking for extremely well balanced and moves well, keeps a lovely outline and topline on the move should have a really bright future. 2 Craig's Davicard Scilla, sound to go over, perhaps a little more mature than the winner but did not have the rear drive and would have like a bit more bone and substance. 3 Serenaker Elle's Belle's.


JB (7) 1 Parker & Stevens Serenaker Daydream, tri, lovely head, clean neck and excellent shoulder well bodied, good ribbing and coupling, good turn of stifle and drives out well from the hock keeping a lovely outline on the move. 2 Phillpotts Charterwood Fantasy Island T&W soundly made, lovely bone and substance moves soundly and with drive, felt that the winner was a little cleaner in shoulder. 3 Gempeni Ballet.


NB (5) 1 Lewis Fallowfield Xena, T&W very pretty head, lovely neck and shoulder, good body, balanced throughout and moves well 2. Goldbert's Broadshore Ab Bracci At Molesend, lovely shape, much heavier type than winner, super quarters again appears at the moment a little heavy on the shoulder, shoulder construction is good so think she will fine down with maturity. 3 Ruda Spod Zieloynch Sosen at Poppyville.


GB (4) 1 Spavin's Dialynne Just Ella, T&W lovely typical feminine head, good reach of neck, lovely bone and good feet, cobby body and a strong rear end which she uses to the full keeps a lovely outline on the move and moves with purpose, RCC was very tempted to award her the CC but not so finished as the Open bitch. 2 Dean's Gempeni Ballet very nice type, lovely outline and moves well, still a little immature, unfortunate to meet no 1. 3 Clairdale Damia.


PGB (13) 1 Vickers & Mead Rosroden Cherry Kisses. 2 Cuthill's Divinebrae Pop My Cork, again close decision these two very much alike in type the winner was a little more feminine but loved the bone and substance of the second, both had lovely head, clean balanced outlines so splitting them came down to mo and preferred the rear movement of the winner. 3 Madika Spot On.


MLB (6) Havard's Annavah Imagine, attractive tri bitch with a lovely head good, shoulder well developed front and strong through the coupling, balanced quarters which she uses to the full. 2 Jones Clairdale Willowmena, cobby compact bitch that keeps a lovely outline on the move. 3 Stormpasture Juliette of Rosrodens.


LB (10) 1 Sutton's Rossut Damsel, extremely sound bitch that has loads of bone and substance, chunky without being coarse, strong compact body and strong rear end that she uses to the full keeps a lovely outline and topline on the move. 2 Craig's Davicard Musetta, elegant and not so workmanlike in type as the winner, classy, cobby, and not overdone moves beautifully, just preferred the substance of the winner, good mover and shown in tiptop condition 3 Annavah Knick Knack.


OB (8,1) 1 Jones & Jepson's Ch Eardley Jay Walking, T&W pleasing head, good strong neck, excellent shoulder and front, well ribbed and strong in the coupling, lovely bone and good feet, well angulated hindquarters which she uses to the full, shown in good hard fit condition and handled to perfection CC. 2 Spavins Dialynne Pickled Pepper, another quality bitch from this kennel as usual shown in excellenct condition another splitting hairs job here preferred the rear angulation of the winner. 3 Ch Serenaker Fasion.  


Ruth Lockett-Walters

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