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Best Opposite Sex & Reserve Best In Show
Ch Dialynne Maximus

Best Puppy In Show
Rossut Zulu

Best Veteran In Show
Ch & Ir Ch Gempeni Wildflower

    RBIS                                      BIS                                       BPIS                        BVIS      

DCC                                                        RDCC                                        BPD

BCC                                       RBCC                          BPB

2008 Championship Show - Judged by Ferelith Somerfield (Oudenarde)

Best In Show
Ch Rossut Organdie

Dog Classes

Dog CC
Ch Dialynne Maximus

Reserve Dog CC

Best Puppy Dog
Rossut Zulu

Best Veteran Dog

Ch & Ir Ch Bondlea Fable JW


Minor Puppy Dog  (9, 3) 

1st:    Charterwood Narrator

2nd:  Annavah Byron

3rd:   Dialynne Giza
Res:  Molesend Adrift

VHC: Eardley Early Learner

Puppy Dog  (11, 2) 

1st:    Rossut Zulu *BPD, BPIS*
2nd:  Lowyck Raver

3rd:   Basic Drives Invisible Touch of Dialynne
Res:  Redcap Rifleman

VHC: Bayard Hotshot

Junior Dog  (9, 2) 

1st:    Annavah Achilles

2nd:  Callidoniane Emerald

3rd:   Shercroft Pioneer

Res:  Aerie Achilles

VHC: Springholme Striker


​Maiden Dog  (3, 1) 

1st:    Bayard Hotshot

2nd:  Redcap Diamond Geezer

Novice Dog  (6, 2) 

1st:    Callidoniane Emerald
2nd:  Redcap Rifleman

3rd:   Bayard Hotshot
Res:  Broadshore Nelsons Revenge

Graduate Dog  (2)

1st:    Sparrowgill Statesman
2nd:  Cliffmere Ivor JW

Post Graduate Dog  (12, 1) 

1st:    Newlin Victor of Salenko JW

2nd:  Eardley Ever Ready

3rd:   Molesend Magician Over Barughgreen

Res:  Almarda Welsh Wizard of Houndscroft

VHC: Balderstone Burberry


​Limit Dog  (9, 2) 

1st:    Rossut Sorcerer JW

2nd:  Fallowfield Fusion of Finmorlan JW

3rd:   Molesend Dolerite Over Barughgreen

Res:  Redcap First Knight at Kelseva

VHC: Nedlaw Silent Spectator

Open Dog  (13, 4) 

1st:    Ch Dialynne Maximus *DCC, BOS, RBIS*

2nd:  Fallowfield Bartholomew *RDCC*

3rd:   Ch Newlin Sailor

Res:  Aust Ch Brialey Boy From Oz for Lanesend (IMP)

VHC: Charterwood Tangler

Veteran Dog  (4) 

1st:    Ch & Ir Ch Bondlea Fable JW

2nd:  Ir Ch Kenzed Weaver of Bondlea JW

3rd:   Seevad High Lite

Res:  Ch Madika Nut Case

Bitch CC
Ch Rossut Organdie

Reserve Bitch CC
Annavah Solitaire

Best Puppy Bitch
Brydea Backup

Best Veteran Bitch

Ch & Ir Ch Gempeni Wildflower

Minor Puppy Bitch  (19, 2) 

1st:    Brydea Backup *BPB*

2nd:  Barterhound Bouquet for Gempeni

3rd:   Charterwood Fantasy
Res:  Fallowfield Darlene

VHC: Redcap Gold Bangle

Puppy Bitch  (5, 1) 

1st:    Annavah Gypsy
2nd:  Rhiconich Sherbert

3rd:   Lowyck Rula
Res:  Raimex Bussell

Junior Bitch  (14, 2) 

1st:    Valsacre Chamois JW

2nd:  Rossgay Rouska

3rd:   Hayapark Aster

Res:  Rossut Varnish

VHC: Annavah Whimsical


Maiden Bitch  (10, 2) 

1st:    Barterhound Bouquet for Gempeni

2nd:  Redcap Gold Bangle

3rd:   Redcap Beretta at Newdawn

Res:  Raimex Bussell

VHC: Callidoniane Diamond

Novice Bitch  (7, 1) 

1st:    Redcap Gold Bangle
2nd:  Hayapark Aster

3rd:   Raimex Bussell
Res:  Geclanjo Gypsy

VHC: Newlin Vanilla at Koorbrats


​​Graduate Bitch  (7, 1)

1st:    Rossgay Rouska
2nd:  Shercroft Portrait

3rd:   Brydea Bliss

Res:  Rossmaith Nectar

VHC: Vixarden Aphrodite JW

Post Graduate Bitch  (20, 5) 

1st:    Awreridge Okra JW

2nd:  Newlin Ruby

3rd:   Raimex Duster

Res:  Almarda Wild Spice

VHC: Roddwood Bunting

​Limit Bitch  (16, 4) 

1st:    Annavah Solitaire *RBCC*

2nd:  Redcap Fair Dinkum

3rd:   Summer Lily

Res:  Bayard Tanya

VHC: Dialynne Delight of Canowindra

Open Bitch  (14, 3) 

1st:    Ch Rossut Organdie *BCC, BIS*

2nd:  Valsacre Troika to Awreridge JW

3rd:   Ch Bayard Gaiety

Res:  Macall New Sensation

VHC: Dialynne Elouise at Fallowfield

Veteran Bitch  (7, 1) 

1st:    Ch & Ir Ch Gempeni Wildflower *BVB, BVIS*

2nd:  Ch Almarda Winona

3rd:   Newlin Almond at Madika

Res:  Ch Seevad High Fashion Sh CM

VHC: Ch Raimex Kirstie

Bitch Classes
Junior Handling

Junior Handling - Judged by Michelle Kingsland

Morven MacDonald

Best Junior Handler (under 12 years)
Best Overall Junior Handler

Andrew Clegg

Best Junior Handler (12 - 16 years)

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