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2010 Championship Show - Judged by Helen Caple (Morsefield)

Reserve Best In Show & Best Opposite Sex
Rossut Allegra

Best Puppy In Show

Heathergrove Ivory Lace

Best Veteran In Show & Best Special Vintage

Ch Seevad High Fashion ShCM

Best Special Veteran In Show

Macall Back to Zac ShCM

bis line up.jpg

        BIS               RBIS & BOS       BSpVIS       BVIS & BSpVinIS       BPIS

DCC                                RDCC                            BPD                               BVD

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   BCC                             RBCC                           BPB                      BVB

Best In Show
Ch Bayard Grafter

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Dog Classes

Dog CC
Ch Bayard Grafter

Reserve Dog CC
Barrvale Excalibur

Best Puppy Dog
Janfrey Elliott

Best Veteran Dog

Ch Madika Nut Case


Minor Puppy Dog  (9, 1) 

1st:    Janfrey Elliott *BPD*

2nd:  Rossut Magnet

3rd:   Redcap Man At Arms
Res:  Charterwood Envoy

VHC: Brydea Botany Bay to Salenko


Puppy Dog  (12, 1) 

1st:    Eardley Duncan Disorderley
2nd:  Charterwood Genius

3rd:   Bayard Stolen Affair
Res:  Nedlaw Sunbird

VHC: Almarda Watchmaker

Junior Dog  (6, 1) 

1st:    Dialynne Che Guevara

2nd:  Nedlaw Scaramouch

3rd:   Dialynne Numero Uno

Res:  Shelbeydown's Plain N'Simple

VHC: Callidoniane Thundersnow

Graduate Dog  (4, 1) 

1st:    Brydea Botany Bay to Salenko

2nd:  Ardvreck Caerlaverock Von Dapperdawg
3rd:   Longdalefarm Archie ShCM

Post Graduate Dog  (14, 1) 

1st:    Fallowfield Royal Rupert
2nd:  Semeru Gadabout to Redcap (Imp Aus)

3rd:   Rossut Fluster
Res:  Almarda Woodcutter with Houndscroft
VHC: Davricard Byron


Mid Limit Dog  (4, 1)

1st:    Charterwood Patriot
2nd:  Lyndex Tracker JW

3rd:   Fallowfield Fusion of Finmorlan JW ShCM

Limit Dog  (9) 

1st:    Rossut Zulu of Pakowhai JW ShCM

2nd:  Almarda Welsh Wizard of Houndscroft

3rd:   Rhiconich Chico

Res:  Eardley Early Learner JW

VHC: Newlin Victor of Salenko JW ShCM

Open Dog  (8, 3) 

1st:    Ch Bayard Grafter *DCC, BIS*

2nd:  Barrvale Excalibur *RDCC*

3rd:   Am Ch Barrister's Yankee Doodle Dandy at Fallowfield

Res:  Ch Janfrey Morgan

VHC: Flurries Brigand

Veteran Dog  (1) 

1st:    Macall Back to Zac ShCM *BSpVIS*


Vintage Dog  (3, 1) 

1st:    Ch Madika Nut Case *BVD*

2nd:  Seevad High Lite

janfrey elliott.jpg
eardley duncan.jpg
dialynne che.jpg
fallowfield rupert.jpg
charterwood patriot.jpg
madika nut case.jpg

Bitch CC
Rossut Allegra

Reserve Bitch CC
Serenaker Devine Devil

Best Puppy Bitch
Heathergrove Ivory Lace

Best Veteran Bitch

Ch Seevad High Fashion ShCM

Minor Puppy Bitch  (20, 3) 

1st:    Davricard Miranda

2nd:  Rossut Motive

3rd:   Lyndex Annabel
Res:  Dialynne Madonna

VHC: Brydea Bunny Girl

Puppy Bitch  (20, 1) 

1st:    Heathergrove Ivory Lace *BPB, BPIS*
2nd:  Serenaker Sunday Girl

3rd:   Barrvale Maybe Magic
Res:  Fallowfield Destinee

VHC: Redcap Duchess

Junior Bitch  (13, 2) 

1st:    Dufosee Orient Star

2nd:  Annavah Ophelia

3rd:   Rossut Illusion

Res:  Rossut Kite of Pakowhai

VHC: Rhiconich Glenda

Graduate Bitch  (13, 2)

1st:    Redcap Out Of The Ashes to Kelseva JW

2nd:  Annavah Valentine

3rd:   Serenaker Maggie May

Res:  Rossut Kite of Pakowhai

VHC: Newlin Chalice of Molesend

Post Graduate Bitch  (15) 

1st:    Dufosee Ninette
2nd:  Davricard Daydream

3rd:   Born To Run
Res:  Molesend Butterfly

VHC: Carvaha Solitaire

Mid Limit Bitch  (7, 1)

1st:    Barterhound Bouquet for Gempeni JW
2nd:  Raimex Bussell JW

3rd:   Fallowfield Damara at Salenko

Res:  Sabinhay Chutney

VHC: Gladstyle Diamond Doll


Limit Bitch  (10, 4) 

1st:    Almarda Wildspice with Houndscroft

2nd:  Annavah Whimsical

3rd:   Rhiconich Sherbet

Res:  Roddwood Bunting

VHC: Craigmount Tempting Fate

Open Bitch  (8, 3) 

1st:    Rossut Allegra *BCC, RBIS, BOS*

2nd:  Serenaker Devine Devil *RBCC*

3rd:   Ch Annavah Solitiare

Res:  Ch Bayard Tanya

VHC: Barrvale Jazz

Veteran Bitch  (4, 1) 

1st:    Roddwood Willow

2nd:  Rocamar Smiles At Madika ShCM

3rd:   Sabinhay Fairmaid



Vintage Bitch  (2) 

1st:    Ch Seevad High Fashion ShCM *BVB, BVIS, BSpVinIS*

2nd:  Ch & Ir Ch Gempeni Wildflower

davricard miranda.jpg
dufosee orient star.jpg
barterhound bouquet.jpg
rossut allegra.jpg
roddwood willow.jpg
Bitch Classes

Judge's Critique

I had a lovely day judging the excellent entry and I was delighted with my winners.


The overall quality was of a high standard and there were some very promising youngsters in both sexes. A good sign for the future. The Puppy classes were a joy to judge and in bitches some really nice ones went home without a card.



MPD. (9). 1. May's, Janfrey Elliott. Most appealing tri baby. Lovely for size and type. Pleasing overall shape. Attractive head, dark eye and well set leathers giving soft expression. Good neck, neat front and well made quarters. Moved soundly coming and going with good profile movement. Happy outgoing temperament. BPD. 2. Sutton's, Rossut Magnet. Smart tri lad with lovely head and expression. Liked his good body proportions. Reachy neck, level topline and well angulated quarters. Moved out really well. but not quite as settled as winner in front yet, but a lovely prospect. 3. Kinglands', Redcap Man at Arms.


PD. (12). 1. Jones and Jepson's, Eardley Dunan Disorderly. Eyecatching young man. Ultra smart tri who is compactly made. Very well balanced and presented a clean outline. Lovely head and eye. Good neck and firm topline. Moved soundly and showed really well on a loose lead. Lovely outgoing temperament. 2. Phillpott's, Charterwood Genius. Pleasing tti of good bone and substance. Nice tight feet. Masculine head, good fornt and quarters. Well muscled for age which allowed him to really stride out and cover the ground. Just preferred the head and neck of winner. 3. Jackson's, Bayard Stolen Affair.


JD . (6,1). 1. Spavin's, Dialynne Che Guevara. This well presented tri was really nice to go over and was shown in hard condition. Quality youngster with masculine head, nice eye with lovely dark eye trim. Good neck and shoulder. Excellent ribbing and depth of chest. He used his strong well made quarters to dribe around the ring. 2. Walden's, Neolaw Scaramouch. Well developed tri with easy free striding movement and true both coming and going away. Masculine head, reachy neck and good construction throughout, giving a pleasing outline. Liked him a lot but didn;t always concentrate on the job in hand. 3. Webster's, Dialynne Numero Uno.


GD. (4,1). 1. Bailey's, Brydea Botany Bay at Salenko. Lovely baby who was VHC in Minor Puppy as he was so happy and exuberant, he had a job to keep his feet on the floor. However he got his act together here and won the class with ease. Lovely shaped head, dark eye and soft expression. Good neck and pleasing overall shape. Moved and showed well. Lovely temperament. 2. Kelly and Brannan's, Ardvreck Caerlave Rock Von Dapperdawg. Tri of nice overall shape. Good topline and tail set. Strong well made quarters which he used to advantage. Masculine head, just a bit heavier than I like. 3. Ravell's, Longdalefarm Archie Sh CM.


PGD. (14,1). 1. Lewis's, Fallowfield Royal Rupert. Handsome young man that pleased for size and type and had immadiate appeal on the go around. Lovely head and eye. Reachy neck, neat front assembly. Good ribbing. Well made quarters and presented a nice clean outline. Moved soundly with a good driving action. Confident youngster and a good showman. 2. Kingsland's, Semeru adabout at Redcap (Imp). Smart well presented tri that pleased for overall shape and balance. Liked his masculine head. Compact body, good bone and neat feet. He uses his well made quarters to really drive. 3. Sutton's, Rossut Fluster.


MidLD. (4,1). 1. Phillpott's, Charterwood Patriot. Quality boy of a nice size and type. Pleasing overall shape giving a smart outline. Masculine head, firm topline, well angulated quarters and neat hocks. Moved soundly with good extension in profile. 2. Player's, Lyndex Tracker. Another exhibit that appealed for type. He has nice clean lines givng a smart well balanced outline. Shown in good coat and condition. Moved out smartly and carries himself really well. 3. Macdonald's, Fallowfield Fusion of Finmorlan JW Sh CM.


LD . (9,2). 1. Peach's, Rossut Zulu of Pakowhai JW Sh CM. Immaculately presented tri whose lovely clean lines catch the eye, was shown in tip top condition. Beautiful head and eye, reachy neck, good body and well angulated quarters. Has really matured and come all together now. Moved out well with good forward reach and drive. 2 Clay's Almarda Welsh Wizard of Houndscroft. Blanket tri, well balanced and pleased for type. Masculine head, dark eye and a gentle expression. Good body with nice depth of chest and firm, level topline. Moved out soundly with parallel movement away and back, but not as free as the winner in profile. Well presented and handled.


OD (8,3) 1 Jackson's Ch Bayard Grafter. Superbly presented tri who has the stamp of a true stallion hound and, although of larger size then my ideal, there is no getting away from the sheer quality and excellent construction of this dog. Loved his masculine head and kind expresion, excels in front construction with good shoulder and upperarm. Deep, well sprung ribs, firm topline and strong, well made quarters. He is so sound on the move with excellent reach and drive and parallel away and back. Carried just the right amount of weight. In good coat and condition and put in a polished performance to take the CC and BIS. 2 Chetcuti and Cartwright's Barrvale Excalibur. Super t/w, full of quality and well put together, as well as being lovely to go over. Nice shaped head, good earset and beautiful flow from nicely arched neck into firm and level topline, good shoulders and deep chest. He is very well balanced and has a strong and well made rear. Moved effortlessly striding out freely with an excellent side gait. I was pleased to award him the Res CC. 3 Lewis' Am Ch Barrister's Yankee Doodle Dandy at Fallowfield.


Vet (1) 1 Pocklington-Hall's Macall Back to Zac. Sh CM. Smart 7 and a half year old tri of good size and stature, and although sturdily built has retained a nice outline. Pleased in head and expression, firm body and strong, well muscled quarters, which he used to drive around the ring.


Best Vet. Vintage (3,1) 1 Arden's Ch Madika Nutcase. Almost 12 years and in wonderful, muscular condition for age. Smart tri of a larger mould and well constructed throughout. Showed really well on a loose lead and moved soundly. 2 Davies' Seevad High Lite. 11 and a half year old lovely t/w with easy, free striding movement. Good overall shape and lovely had and expression. Showed well and enjoying his day out.



MPB (20,3) Super class of promising babies. 1 Craig's Davricard Miranda. Delightful 8 month old tri who pleased very much for size and type and has everything in the right place. Sweet, feminine head, good earset and soft expression. Neat, well filled front, good shoulder and ribs and a lovely angulated rear. Showed well and moved very soundly. Liked her a lot. 2 Sutton's Rossut Motive. Smart and quality tri and well developed for age. Lovely head, long leathers and a nice expression. Well put together with good overall conformation. Lovely front with good upperarm and shoulder, good bone and neat feet. Moved with drive. 3 Player's Lyndex Annabel.


PB (20,3) Class of quality youngsters, I was spoilt for choice. 1 Murray's Heathergrove Ivory Lace. Beautiful blanket tri of a lovely type, with a super smart and well balanced outline. Most appealing feminine head and soft expression. Good neck, well developed body for age and a firm topline and nicely angulated quarters. Moved very soundly with great forward reach and drive. Immaculately presented and well handled. Best PIS. 2 Parker and Steven's Serenaker Sunday Girl. A lot to like about this smart t/w and close to the winner. Lovely, well balanced outline and soundly constructed throughout, with good bone and neat feet. Has a beautiful head, a lovely outgoing temperament and moved soundly and freely. 3 Davies' Barrvale Maybe Magic.


JB (13,2) 1 Bradley and Burgess' Dufosee Orient Star. Brightly marked broken tri, who is compactly made with an eyecatching outline, Lovely overall shape with soft and feminine head. Arched neck and firm topline, nice depth of chest and strong quarters, which she used on the move. A lovely temperament and a happy showgirl. 2 Harvard's Annavah Ophelia. Feminine tri girl with a lot to like. Really well put together and neat all through. Pleasing head and eye, nice bone and substance, moved out smartly. 3 Sutton's Rossut Illusion.


GB (13,2) 1 Vaughan's Redcap Out of the Ashes to Kelseva. JW. Pretty t/w of a lovely size. Very feminine and well made throughout. Moves very soundly with a free and easy stride, can really cover th ground. 2 Murray's Annavah Valentine. Quality young lady of pleasing type and size. Liked her head, dark eye and lovely expression. Good neck, firm body and quarters. Moved soundly with excellent rear drive. Close up to the winner. 3 Parker and Stevenson's Serenaker Maggie May.


PGB (15) Close decision between two quality bitches. 1 Bradley and Burgess' Dufosee Ninette. Stylish tri who had immediate appeal on the run round. Her lovely clean lines give a smart and well balanced outline, beautiful head and eye with a soft expression. Reachy neck, good body with a firm and level topline, nice bone and neat feet. Moved freely and was true both ways. Well handled and in lovely condition. 2 Craig's Davricard Daydream. Immaculately presented t/w shown in sparkling condition. Loved her soft, feminine head and dark eye. Arched neck, firm body wth well sprung ribs and good bone and neat feet. Moved out really well from well angulated quarters. 3 Pitt's Born to Run.


MidLB (7,1) 1 Dean's Barterhound Bouquet for Gempeni JW Sh CM. Broken tri in lovely coat and condition, who showed really well. Attractive head with well set ears. Reachy neck, good depth of chest, firm topline and well angulated rear. Moved out smartly with good reach and drive. Lovely happy temperament. 2 Brown's Raimex Bussell. Good honest bitch with everything in the right place. Attractive head and lovely neck. Good conformation throughout and moved and showed well. 3 Bailey's Fallowfield Damara at Selenko.


LB (10,4) 1 Davies' Almarda Wildspice with Houndscroft. Sweet and feminine t/w, smart in outline and well put together. Like her lovely shaped head with dark eye and long leathers. Good neck, firm body with good ribbing and rear angulation. Moved out well. 2 Havard's Annavah Whimsical. Smart blanket tri of lovely size and type. Liked her overall shape and balance, good bone and neat feet. Nice topline and tail carriage. Moved with drive from her well angulated quarters. 3 Findlay's Rhiconich Sherbert.


OB (16,6) Hotly contended class of top quality bitches, and some lovely ones went home without a card. 1 Sutton's Rossut Allegra. Delightful t/w, utterly feminine and of ideal size. Very well balanced and full of quality, a pleasure to go over. Beautifully put together with the most appealing head and gentle, soft expression. Super front construction with good shoulders and upperarm. Lovely ribbing and depth of chest, strong and well made quarters, good bone and neat feet. She was a joy to watch on the move, absolutely true coming on and powerful drive at the rear and moved effortlessly with great freedom in profile. Loved everything about her and she was very well handled to take CC and Res BIS. 2 Parker and Steven's Serenaker Devine Devil. Very smart and eyecatching young lady, tri of lovely sieze and substance. Super balanced outline and well put together. Pleased in head and expression, lovely arched neck into well made shoulders. Grand body with good spring of ribs and a firm topline and well angulated quarters. Good bone and neat feet. Very sound on the move, true coming and going with good reach and drive in profile. Has a lovely outgoing temperament and was well presented in tip-top condition. Liked her a lot. Res CC.


Vet (4,1) All three were in lovely condition and a credit to their owners. 1 Woodcock's Roddwood Willow. Broken tri who was well presented and showed really well on a loose lead. Well constructed with good angulation both front and rear, which enabled her to move soundly with freedom and drive. 2 Arden's Rocamar Smiles at Madika Sh CM. Smart tri of a pleasing type and size. Nice overall shape with a good depth of chest and well made quarters. Moved with drive. 3 Hartland's Sabinhay Fairmaid.


Vintage (2) 1 Davies' Ch Seevad High Fashion Sh CM. Smart tri girl of 11 and a half years and looking really well for her age. Lovely head and good neck, well constructed throughout and moved soundly with good reach and drive. Well handled, in tip top condition. Best Vintage and BVIS. 2 Dean's Ch Ir Ch Gempeni Wild Flower. Lightly marked tri who has retained her nice clean lines. Good head and dark eye, well made body and good angulation at rear. Moved out soundly, keeping a good topline and she covered the ground well. In lovely coat and condition. Close up to the winner.

Helen Caple

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