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2011 Championship Show - Judged by Jill Philpott (Charterwood)

Reserve Best In Show & Best Opposite Sex
Fallowfield Barney

Best Puppy In Show

Eardley Barb Dwyer

Best Veteran In Show

Ch Janfrey Chadwick

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      DCC                          RDCC                      BPD                              BVD         

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    BCC                                   RBCC                           BPB                      BVB           

Best In Show
Davricard Daydream

Dog Classes

Dog CC
Fallowfield Barney

Reserve Dog CC
Red Hot Chilli Pepper Over Dialynne

Best Puppy Dog
Annavah Explorer

Best Veteran Dog

Ch Janfrey Chadwick

Minor Puppy Dog  (7) 

1st:    Annavah Explorer *BPD*

2nd:  Beaurein Kiwi Connection

3rd:   Rossut Scribbler
Res:  Eardley Master Class

VHC: Charmagic Genius at Serenaker


Puppy Dog  (3) 

1st:    Fallowfield Royal Richard
2nd:  Newlin Flint

3rd:   Koorbrats Watchful


Junior Dog  (9, 1)

1st:    Barrvale Overture

2nd:  Redcap Trumpet Major for Summerlily

3rd:   Shercroft Flinders JW

Res:  Balderstone Boycie

VHC: Dapperdawg Forbidden Isle at Benruadh

​Novice Dog  (7, 1) 

1st:    Beaurein Kiwi Connection

2nd:  Redcap Trumpet Major for Summerlily
3rd:   Newlin Flint

Res:  Barterhound Garrison

VHC: Barrvale Paxton

Graduate Dog  (7, 1) 

1st:    Barrvale Overture
2nd:  Janfrey Elliott

3rd:   Shercroft Flinders JW
Res:  Dapperdawg Forbidden Isle at Benruadh
VHC: Callidoniane Thundersnow


Post Graduate Dog  (5)

1st:    Almarda Watchmaker of Houndscroft
2nd:  Molesend Magician at Barughgreen

3rd:   Callidoniane Emerald

Res:  Springholme Striker ShCM

VHC: Serenaker Spellcaster at Charmagic

Mid Limit Dog  (5) 

1st:    Rossut Magnet

2nd:  Fallowfield Royal Rupert

3rd:   Ardvreck Caerlaverock Von Dapperdawg ShCM

Res:  Springholme Striker ShCM

VHC: Dark Secret of Gladstyle

Limit Dog  (10, 1) 

1st:    Eardley Duncan Disorderly JW

2nd:  Riversong Haggai With Vigor

3rd:   Shercroft Pioneer at Summerlily

Res:  Molesend Adrift

VHC: Riversong Genesis at Borerst

Open Dog  (8, 1) 

1st:    Fallowfield Barney *DCC, RBIS, BOS*

2nd:  Red Hot Chilli Pepper Over Dialynne *RDCC*

3rd:   Ch Bayard Grafter

Res:  Rossut Fluster

VHC: Barrvale Excalibur


Veteran Dog  (7, 1) 

1st:    Ch Janfrey Chadwick *BVD, BVIS*

2nd:  Macall Back to Zac ShCM

3rd:   Ch & Ir Ch Bondlea Fable JW

Res:  Riversong Andromeda at Borerst

VHC: Flurries Brigand


Bitch CC
Davricard Daydream

Reserve Bitch CC
Annavah Ginger

Best Puppy Bitch
Eardley Barb Dwyer

Best Veteran Bitch

Ch Seevad High Fashion ShCM

Minor Puppy Bitch  (14, 3) 

1st:    Dialynne Tanquey

2nd:  Barrvale Pure Magic

3rd:   Fallowfield Dollar
Res:  Closehills Turning Leaf

VHC: Clairdale Willowmena

Puppy Bitch  (17, 1) 

1st:    Eardley Barb Dwyer *BPB, BPIS*
2nd:  Serenaker Texas Star

3rd:   Bayard Come Dine With Me at Eardley
Res:  Dialynne Bucks Fizz

VHC: Closehills Turning Leaf


Junior Bitch  (18)

1st:    Annavah Geisha Girl

2nd:  Barrvale Ovation

3rd:   Merrilyn Feelin Groovey

Res:  Dufosee Winter Rose

VHC: Janfrey Fame


Novice Bitch  (13)

1st:    Serenaker Texas Star

2nd:  Closehills Turning Leaf

3rd:   Summerlily Secret Service

Res:  Shercroft Duchess

VHC: Barterhound Gem Stone


Graduate Bitch  (9) 

1st:    Barrvale Ovation
2nd:  Davricard Miranda

3rd:   Balderstone Bumble
Res:  Rossut Motive

VHC: Shercroft Lapwing at Detrick

Post Graduate Bitch  (15, 2)

1st:    Davricard Matilda
2nd:  Sabinhay Chicory

3rd:   Barterhound Rosebud at Madika JW ShCM

Res:  Borerst Baby Doll

VHC: Shercroft Lapwing at Detrick


Mid Limit Bitch  (9) 

1st:    Annavah Ginger *RBCC*

2nd:  Newlin Chalice at Molesend JW

3rd:   Rossut Kite of Pakowhai JW

Res:  Serenaker Maggie May

VHC: Dufosee Jonty

Limit Bitch  (9, 1) 

1st:    Barrvale Jazz

2nd:  Davricard Duchess at Brydea

3rd:   Rhiconich Glenda

Res:  Annavah Fleur Among Suteresett

VHC: Bayard Better By Design

Open Bitch  (16, 1) 

1st:    Davricard Daydream *BCC, BIS*

2nd:  Ch Bayard Make Amends

3rd:   Ch Dufosee Orient Star

Res:  Fallowfield Daisychain

VHC: Ger Ch Newlin Breeze JW



Veteran Bitch  (8, 2) 

1st:    Ch Seevad High Fashion ShCM *BVB*

2nd:  Ch & Ir Ch Gempeni Wildflower

3rd:   Kernebridge Kittiwake of Butterow

Res:  Sabinhay Fairmaid

VHC: Rocamar Smiles at Madika ShCM

Bitch Classes
Junior Handling

Junior Handling - Judged by Hermione Peach


Lucy Norridge

Best Junior Handler

(under 11 years)

Morven McDonald

Best Junior Handler
(12 - 16 years)


Best Overall Junior Handler


Judge's Critique



MPD (7) 1 Havard's Annavah Explorer. Top quality tricolour puppy dog. Lovely outline, nice size and a lovely head and expression. Best Puppy Dog. 2 Peach's Beaurein Kiwi Connection. Another super dog puppy who could easily change places with the winner on a different day. Lovely head, expression and outline. 3 Sutton's Rossut Scribbler.


PD (3) 1  Lewis' Fallowfield Royal Richard. Smart tri dog. Compact with good bone. Good head, outline and tail carriage. 2 Calike's Newlin Flint. Another smart tri dog. Longer cast than the winner, moved and showed well. 3 Smith and Starbrook's Koorbrats Watchful.


JD (9,1) 1 Davies' Barrvale Overture. Very smart and brightly marked tri. Beautiful head and expression. Super bone and feet, good outline. Showed well to win a good class. 2 Burrow's Redcap Trumpet Major for Summerlily. Smart and compact tri dog. Good outline, moved and showed well. Just preferred the winner's head. 3 Hunt and Norris' Shercroft Flinders.


ND (7) 1 Peach's Beaurein Kiwi Connection. 2 Burrow's Redcap Trumpet Major for Summerlily. 3 Newlin Flint.


GD (7,1) 1 Davies' Barrvale Overture. 2 May's Janfrey Elliott. Ultra smart tri dog. Lovely compact outline, not moving as well in front as the winner. 3 Hunt and Norris' Shercroft Flinders.


PGD (5) 1 Clay's Almarda Watchmaker of Houndscroft. Smart tri dog with a good outline, would not co-operate with his handler. 2 Walker's Molesend Magician at Barughgreen. Tri mottle with super bone. Smaller mould than the winner, but not as positive in front, possibly because he was carrying too much weight across his shoulders. 3 Gilbert's Callidoniane Emerald.


MidLD (5) 1  Sutton's Rossut Magnet. Small compact tri dog with a lovely outline and good bone. 2 Lewis' Fallowfield Royal Rupert. Another smart tri dog, lovely outline. Just not as positive on the move as the winner. 3 Kelly and Brannan's Ardvreck Caerlaverock von Dapperdawg Sh CM.


LD (10,1) 1 Jones and Jepson's Eardley Duncan Disorderly. Beautifuly presented and shown tri dog. Lovely size, straight front and a super outline. Just looked a little immature in the final  line up. Headed a good class in which the first three all moved and showed well and would have been worthy winners. 2 Walton's Riversong Haggai with Vigor. T/w dog from a bigger mould. Outstandingly good mover with a very good outline. 3 Burrow's Shercroft Pioneer at Summerlily.


OD (8,1) 1 Lewis' Fallowfild Barney. Small, ultra smart dog with great ring presence. Superb outline, good bend of stifle. As he goes round the ring in profile he really takes your eye. Pleased to award him his 2nd CC and Res BIS. 2 Spavin's Red Hot Chilli Pepper over Dialynne. Another really smart tri dog. Superb outline, was playing up on the move in his class but got his act together in the challenge to take the Res CC. 3 Peak's Ch Bayard Grafter.


Vet D (7,1) 1 May's Ch Janfrey Chadwick. Tri dog who I awarded BPIB to many years ago. Still a lovely looking dog in good condition, with super bone. Best VIS. 2 Pocklington-Hall's Macall Back to Zac. Sh CM. Another smart tri dog. Still has a super front and topline. 3 Hunt's Ch and Ir Ch Bondlea Fable JW.



MPB (14,3) 1 Spavin's Dialynne Tanquey. T/w and still a baby, but what a lovely outline. Moved and showed well to win a very good class. 2 Davies' Barrvale Pure Magic. Slightly bigger tri who moved beautifully, good outline. 3 Lewis' Fallowfield Diamonte.


PB (17,1) 1  Jones and Jepson's Eardley Barb Dwyer. Small and compact tri with a lovely outline. Moved and showed to perfection. Lovely head and expression, good front and feet. Should have a bright future. BPIS. 2 Lewis' Serenaker Texas Star. Another small tri with a good outline. Unlucky to meet the winner in such sparkling  form. 3 Jones and Jepson's Bayard Come Dine with Me at Eardley.


JB (18,2) 1 Havard's Annavah Geisha Girl. Very smart tri bitch. Feminine head and expression. Good outline, moved and showed well to win a very good class. 2 Davies' Barrvale Ovation. Smaller tri with a super outline. Pretty head and expression. 3 Moorby and White's Merrilyn Feelin Groovey.


NB (13,1) 1 Lewis' Serenaker Texas Star.  2 Pocklington-Hall's Closehills Turning Leaf. Very smart tri with a beautiful front. Good bone and feet. 3 Burrow's Summerlily Secret Service.


GB (9) 1 Davies' Barrvale Ovation.  2 Craig's Davricard Miranda. Another smart tri with a lovely outline. Super front and feet. 3 Chapman's Balderstone Bumble.


PGB (15,4) 1 Craig's Davricard Matilda. Very pretty t/w bitch. Good bone and  feet. Moved well. 2 Golberg's Sabinhay Chicory. Broken tri with a nice outline. Not co-operating with her handler. 3 Arden's Barterhound Rosebud at Madika JW Sh CM.


MidLB (9,1) 1 Havard's Annavah Ginger. Lovely compact t/w bitch. Striking colour and pigment and a good head and expression. Moved really well, nice tight feet. Should have a very bright future. Res CC, beating some super competition on the day. 2 Goldberg's Newlin Chalice at Molesend. Another lovely t/w bitch. Looked super when she co-operated with her handler, moved well. 3 Peach's Rossut Kite of Pakowhai.


LB (9,1) 1 Davies' Barrvale Jazz. Smart tri with a pretty head and expression. Super outline, front and feet. Good neck and shoulder, in the challenge just lacked animation behind. 2 Morgan's Davricard Duchess at Brydea. Younger and lighter tri, less mature than the winner but very feminine. Good outline and feet. 3 Findlay's Riconich Glenda.


OB (16,1) Wonderful class in which any of the first five were worthy of winning on the day. 1 Craig's Davricard Daydream. The star of the show. T/w with a fabulous head and expression with super pigmentation. Lovely outline, wonderful front, bone and feet. Beautifully presented and shown. Moved round the ring like she owned it. BCC and BIS. 2 Jackson's Ch Bayard Make Amends. Beauiful young tri bitch with lovely outline. Good bone and movement. Just carrying too much weight, as were all from this kennel on the day. 3 Bradley and Burgess' Ch Dufosee Orient Star.


Vet B (8,3) 1 Davies' Ch Seevad High Fashion. Broken tri in lovely condition for age. Super outline and moved and showed well. 2 Dean's Ch and Ir Ch Gempeni Wildflower. Very smart old lady. Has kept her front and feet well. 3 Lennard's Kernebridge Kittewake of Butterow.


Jill Philpott

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