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2012 Championship Show - Judged by Jo Norris (Sirron)

Reserve Best In Show & Best Opposite Sex
Ch Davricard Matilda

Best Puppy In Show

Davricard Buttercup

Best Veteran In Show

Summer Lily


        BIS                  RBIS & BOS                       BPIS                        BVIS   

  DCC                                        RDCC                                    BPD


     BCC                                        RBCC                                            BPB

Best In Show
Ch Serenaker Trial By Magic

Dog Classes

Dog CC
Ch Serenaker Trial By Magic

Reserve Dog CC
Bruadair Lag An Rata JW ShCM

Best Puppy Dog
Serenaker Othello

Best Veteran Dog

Molesend Dolerite over Barughgreen


Minor Puppy Dog  (7, 2) 

1st:    Redcap Temperance

2nd:  Newlin Ingot

3rd:   Seiont Ievan Ap Duncan From Eardley
Res:  Nedlaw Falconer

VHC: Borerst Do Your Best


Puppy Dog  (8, 3) 

1st:    Serenaker Othello *BPD*
2nd:  Serenaker Figaro

3rd:   Jarrowley Dashwood
Res:  Rundle Cappuccino

VHC: Charterwood Crown Royal

Junior Dog  (4, 1) 

1st:    Fallowfield Lance

2nd:  Kelseva Greatest Day

3rd:   Awreridge Melton

​Novice Dog  (4, 1) 

1st:    Redcap Temperance

2nd:  Charterwood Genie
3rd:   Rundle Cappuccino

Graduate Dog  (3) 

1st:    Barterhound Garrison
2nd:  Koorbrats Watchful

3rd:   Kelseva Greatest Day


Post Graduate Dog  (9)

1st:    Bruadair Lag An Rata JW ShCM *RDCC*
2nd:  Redcap Trumpet Major for Summerlily

3rd:   Barterhound Garrison

Res:  Callidoniane Emerald

VHC: Jarrowley Radley

Mid Limit Dog  (0) 



Limit Dog  (4, 2) 

1st:    Lowyck Sundance

2nd:  Semeru Gadabout to Redcap ShCM

Open Dog  (4) 

1st:    Ch Serenaker Trial By Magic *DCC, BIS*

2nd:  Ch Ardvreck Caerlavaerock Von Dapperdawg

3rd:   Serenaker Foxtrot

Res:  Riversong Haggai with Vigor ShCM

Veteran Dog  (4, 1) 

1st:    Molesend Dolerite over Barughgreen *BVD*

2nd:  Riversong Andromeda at Borerst

3rd:   Flurries Brigand


Bitch CC
Ch Davricard Matilda

Reserve Bitch CC
Julemark Scarlet at Redcap

Best Puppy Bitch
Davricard Buttercup

Best Veteran Bitch

Summer Lily

Minor Puppy Bitch  (10, 1) 

1st:    Marada Bruadal By Bruadair

2nd:  Brigam Lace Stockings of Breskar

3rd:   Newlin Inkspot
Res:  Nedlaw Flaxen

VHC: Fallowfield Cinnamon

Puppy Bitch  (11, 4) 

1st:    Davricard Buttercup *BPB, BPIS*
2nd:  Dufosee Devone by Nedlaw

3rd:   Rundle Tiramisu
Res:  Charterwood Catherine

VHC: Serenaker Witchcraft

Junior Bitch  (6, 2) 

1st:    Advreck Ismelia

2nd:  Lowyck Tamara

3rd:   Serenaker Sogni D'oro

Res:  Vigor Tutti Fruttie

Novice Bitch  (6)

1st:    Marada Bruadal by Bruadair

2nd:  Dufosee Devone by Nedlaw

3rd:   Brigam Lace Stockings of Breskar

Res:  Rundle Tiramisu

VHC: Dialynne Tri Star at Sandorlan

Graduate Bitch  (7) 

1st:    Julemark Scarlet at Redcap *RBCC*
2nd:  Summerlily Secret Service

3rd:   Valsacre Vista JW
Res:  Barterhound Gem Stone

VHC: Hayapark Cowslip

Post Graduate Bitch  (12, 1)

1st:    Serenaker Memphis Belle
2nd:  Newdawn Sonnet for Redcap

3rd:   Valsacre Echo JW

Res:  Barterhound Gossamer

VHC: Sabinhay Philigree at Barughgreen


Mid Limit Bitch  (6) 

1st:    Newlin Chalice at Molesend JW

2nd:  Bayard Never Again

3rd:   Redcap Out of the Ashes to Kelseva JW

Res:  Gravenfields Fenella Star from Charterwood

VHC: Cliffmere Nimble at Kernebridge

Limit Bitch  (6) 

1st:    Fullcry Popcorn

2nd:  Balderstone Bumble of Davricard

3rd:   Sabinhay Chicory

Res:  Valsacre Chamois JW

VHC: Redcap Beretta at Newdawn

Open Bitch  (8, 3) 

1st:    Ch Davricard Matilda *BCC, RBIS, BOS*

2nd:  Ch Bayard Make Amends

3rd:   Serenaker Hey Jude

Res:  Ch Newlin Una of Lowyck

VHC: Fallowfield Daisymay


Veteran Bitch  (5, 1) 

1st:    Summer Lily *BVB, BVIS*

2nd:  Orchidvale Angelica of Breskar ShCM

3rd:   Ch Seevad High Fashion

Res:  Sabinhay Fairmaid

Bitch Classes

Judge's Critique

BIS Ch.Serenaker Trial By Magic , RBIS Ch. Davricard Matilda, BPIS Davricard Buttercup & BVIS Summer Lily.




MPD (7, 2) 1 Kingsland's Redcap Temperance. A balanced tri dog with a lovely outline. Good neck leading into well laid shoulders & level topline. Straight front nice round bone throughout. Good head & expression moved well with a lovely free flowing action. 2 Calikes' Newlin Ingot. T/w dog with a lovely head and melting expression. Reachy neck, straight front and good hindquarters enabling him to move out well. Will take time to come to his best but full of quality. 3 Jones & Jepson's Seiont Ieuan Ap Duncan From Eardley.


PD (8, 3) 1st & BPD Cuthill, Parker & Stevens' Serenaker Othello. Well balanced broken tri with good head & leathers. Nice neck & lovely outline. Straight front, tight feet & level topline. Well developed hind quarters moved & showed well. 2 Parker & Steven's Serenaker Figaro. Nice masculine head & expression. Good length of neck, straight front & nice depth of chest. Level topline which he held on the move & good bend of stifle. Preferred hind movement of 1. 3 Tofts' Jarrowley Dashwood.


JD (4, 1) 1 Lewis'Fallowfield Lance. Larger tri boy with a soft appealing expression, good head & leathers. Clean neck into good front & shoulders. Level topline & well balanced. Moved well once he settled. 2 Nash's Kelseva Greatest Day. Smart tri boy with a nice shape & outline. Reachy neck into good shoulders, upper arm & chest well let down. Straight front, nice round bone & strong hindquarters. Not moving as well in front as I know he can. 3 Warner's Awreridge Melton.


ND (4, 1) 1 Kingsland's Redcap Temperance. 2 Philpott's Charterwood Genie. Smaller compact boy with a good masculine head, nice dark eye and good pigmentation. Straight front, tight feet & level topline. Not the scope of movement of 1. 3 Dawson & Goodall's Rundle Cappuccino.


GD (3, 0) 1 Roderick's Barterhound Garrison. Well balanced dog with lovely masculine head, dark eye & appealing expression. Nice length of neck, good front assembly & level topline. Looking at his best today & moving well. 2 Starbrook's Koorbrats Watchful. Good head & expression framed with correct leathers. Nice dark eye & good pigmentation. Straight front, preferred the rear movement of 1. 3 Nash's Kelseva Greatest Day.


PGD (9, 0) 1 Linden's Bruadair Lag An Rata JW ShCM. Loved the shape & balance of this dog who caught my eye when he entered the ring. Lovely masculine head with mild appealing expression. Good pigmentation & dark eye. Straight front & nice tight feet. Good layback of shoulder & chest well let down. Level topline held on the move. Strong hindquarters which enabled him to drive out today. Shown in top condition & well presented. Pleased to award him RCC. 2 Burrow's Redcap Trumpet Major For Summerlily. Lovely reachy neck leading into well laid shoulders & good upper arm. Straight front & good depth of chest. Level topline and well developed hindquarters. Such a sound mover with reach & drive. Would just prefer a softer head. 3 Roderick's Barterhound Garrison.


LD (4, 2) 1 Lomax's Lowyck Sundance. T/w dog with a straight front & lovely lay of shoulder. Good forechest & level topline. Soft masculine head with dark eye & pigmentation. Good turn of stifle, sound mover, would prefer tighter feet. 2 Kingsland's Semeru Gadabout To Redcap ShCM. Tri boy out of a smaller mould. Compact dog with level topline, straight front & good angulation of shoulder but not quite the upper arm of 1. Moved true both ways.


OD (4, 0) Strong class full of quality all of these hounds could easily change places on another day.1 Cuthill's Ch. Serenaker Trial By Magic. T/w dog handsome head with kind expression. Good dark eye and pigmentation. Lovely length of neck leading into clean well laid shoulders. Good upper arm and straight front. Good depth of chest & spring of rib. Level topline & excellent rear end. Moved true both ways & with drive. My preference would be tighter feet. A pleasure to award him the CC & BIS. 2 Ch. Ardvreck Caerlaverock Von Dapperdawg. This dog has a nice shape & outline. Lovely shaped masculine head, straight front & good deep chest. Good topline & tailset. Strong hindquarters. Sound honest mover who covered the ground well. Unlucky to meet 1 in such strong form. 3 Parker & Steven's Ch. Serenaker Foxtrot.


VD (4, 1) All of these boys were enjoying their day. 1 Walker's Molesend Dolerite Over Barughgreen. Tri boy of 7 who gave the impression of a wise old man. Lovely masculine head with soft expression. Straight front & level topline held on the move. Tight feet, well ribbed & good quarters. Moved well. 2 Roberts' Riversong Andromeda At Borest. 9 year old broken tri not as settled as 1 on the move. Good front & length of neck. Well angulated hindquarters & correct tail set. When settled moved well.


MPB (10, 1) 1 Linden's Marada Bruadal By Bruadair. Beautiful t/w baby. Lovely feminine head with the softest of expressions. Well set leathers, dark eye & pigmentation. Balanced bitch with good front & hind quarters, nice shape & outline. Moved soundly. Shall watch her future with interest. 2 Theobald & Butters' Brigam Lace Stockings Of Breskar. Close up to 1. Kind head & expression. Good front assembly, straight front, level topline, nice deep chest & well angulated hindquarters. Not quite as outgoing as 1 on the move. 3 Hartland's Newlin Inkspot.


PB (11, 4) 1st & BPIS Craig's Davricard Buttercup. Stunning puppy. Everything about her is spot on. Beautiful shaped head framed by her lovely leathers. The softest most appealing expression with a beautiful dark eye. Long crested neck leading into well laid shoulders. Straight front & tight feet. Level topline which she held on the move. Good strong hindquarters. Moved true with drive. Considered for RCC. She must have a very bright future ahead. 2 Walden's Dufosee Devona By Nedlaw. Longer cast bitch than 1. Nice head & appealing expression. Good front with chest well let down. Good topline & tailset. Nice rear end with good bend of stifle. Not co-operating with her handler today. 3 Dawson & Goodall's Rundle Tiramisu.


JB (6, 2) 1 Blackstock's Ardvreck Ismelia. Nicely put together bitch. Pretty head with kind expression. Good length of neck & front assembly. Nice straight front, level topline & correct tailset. Good back end moved with purpose. 2 Lomax's Lowyck Tamara. Lovely balanced head with mild appealing expression. Good honest bitch moved soundly but without the verve of 1. 3 Bennett's Serenaker Sogni D'Oro.


NB (6, 1) 1 Linden's Marada Bruadal By Bruadair. 2 Walden's Dufosee Devona By Nedlaw. 3 Theobald & Butters' Brigam Lace Stockings Of Breskar.


GB (7, 0) Strong class, the first 3 could easily change places. 1 Kingsland's Julemark Scarlet At Redcap. Lovely shaped feminine head, soft appealing expression. Clean neck leading into well laid shoulders & good upper arm. Super front, level topline & good tailset. Chest well let down, elbows neat, good depth & spring of rib. Lovely backend with good bend of stifle. Moved true fore & aft driving round the ring with her lovely free flowing action. Loved the shape & balance of this bitch who fully deserved her RCC. 2 Burrow's Summerlily Secret Service. Beautifully balanced bitch with nice clean outline. Soft pretty head with nice dark eye & pigmentation. Very close decision with 1 just felt today scarlet had the edge. Well bodied, long neck into good shoulders, level topline & good well muscled hindquarters. Another with free flowing driving movement whilst remaining true coming towards me. 3 Hargrave's Valsacre Vista JW.


PGB (12, 0) 1 Parker & Steven's Serenaker Memphis Belle. Nicely balanced & put together bitch. Kindest of heads, good neck, topline & tailset. Straight front, tight feet & good rear end. Shown in good condition, moved out well. 2 Kingsland's Newdawn Sonnet For Redcap. Unfortunately carrying too much weight today which cost her the class. Lovely shaped head with soft appealing expression. Long neck, good shoulder & straight front. Strong hindquarters. Moved soundly with reach & drive. 3 Hargrave's Valsacre Echo JW.


MLB (6, 0) 1 Goldberg's Newlin Chalice At Molesend JW. Very balanced t/w bitch looking at her best today. Feminine head with kindest of expressions. Good length of neck , shoulders & straight front. Well angulated hindquarters. Good honest sound mover. 2 Jackson's Bayard Never Again. A well balanced, compact bitch. Very smart & shown in good condition. Pretty head, good neck & straight front. Moved well. 3 Nash's Redcap Out Of The Ashes To Kelseva JW.


LB (8, 2) 1 Bartholomew's Fullcry Popcorn. One I have admired from the ringside & was not disappointed on closer inspection. Beautiful l/w bitch, feminine head with the most melting expression, lovely dark eye & pigmentation. Clean neck leading into good shoulders, upper arm & forechest. Lovely rear end with good bend of stifle. Well balanced bitch with a lovely outline. Moved true with drive in her class but just faded in the challenge. 2 Craig's Balderstone Bumble Of Davricard. Well presented bitch shown in tip top condition. Lovely shaped head & soft expression. Good neck, shoulders & topline. Strong hindquarters & moved out well. Pushed 1 hard but just preferred melting expression of 1. 3 Goldberg's Sabinhay Chicory.


OB (8, 3) Beautiful class of quality bitches. 1 Craig's Ch. Davricard Matilda. Beautifully presented well balanced bitch. Lovely shaped head with softest expression. Good pigmentation, nice dark eye & long leathers. Lovely neck leading into well laid shoulders, level topline & correct tailset. Straight front, good forechest with elbows neatly tucked in. Good depth & spring of rib, well angulated hindquarters which enabled her to move round the ring soundly with reach & drive. BCC & RBIS. 2 Jackson's Ch. Bayard Make Amends. Lovely balanced head with kind expression. Smart compactly built bitch, very sound on the move. Good front, topline & strong hindquarters. Presented in excellent condition. 3 Parker & Steven's Serenaker Hey Jude.


VB (5, 1) 1st & BVIS Burrow's Summer Lily. Pretty headed bitch with appealing expression & good pigmentation. Lovely reach of neck leading into good shoulders & straight front with nice tight feet. Level topline, good rear end & turn of stifle. Best mover in the class moving true fore & aft. 2 Theobald & Butters' Orchidvale Angelica Of Breskar ShCM. Good reach of neck into well laid shoulders & chest well let down. Balanced bitch with a level topline which she held on the move. Soft feminine head with kind expression just lacking a little pigmentation. Moved out soundly. 3 Davies' Ch. Seevad High Fashion.

Jo Norris 

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