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2014 Championship Show - Judged by Nigel Blackstock (Ardvreck)

Reserve Best In Show & Best Opposite Sex
Serenaker Figaro

Best Puppy In Show
Dialynne Decaprio

Best Veteran In Show

Macall Back to Zac ShCM


BIS                                RBIS                          BPIS                                     BVIS

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 DCC                        RDCC                                         BPD                                  BVD

bitch winners.jpg

 BCC                               RBCC                                    BPB                         BVB   

Best In Show
Ch Dialynne Electra

Dog Classes

Dog CC

Serenaker Figaro

Reserve Dog CC

Bayad Hazel's Beany

Best Puppy Dog
Dialynne Decaprio

Best Veteran Dog

Macall Back to Zac ShCM


Minor Puppy Dog  (7) 

1st:    Dialynne Decaprio *BPD, BPIS*

2nd:  Davricard Harrison

3rd:   Rhiconich Alfi
Res:  Pondsanwood Rocky from Fallowfield

VHC: Janfrey Randal Upon Rundle


Puppy Dog  (3) 

1st:    Raimex Barnaby
2nd:  Charterwood Earnest

3rd:   Benroma Brabanzio

Junior Dog  (4) 

1st:    Newlin Kestrel

2nd:  Dialynne Forever Holmes

3rd:   Dialynne Forever Watson

Res:  Redcap Brentwood at Hardexspen


​Novice Dog  (1) 

1st:    Benroma Brabanzio


Graduate Dog  (3) 

1st:    Dialynne Forever Holmes
2nd:  Dialynne Forever Watson

3rd:   Redcap Brentwood at Hardexspen


Post Graduate Dog  (4)

1st:    Janfrey Osbourn

2nd:  Dialynne Forever Holmes

3rd:   Callidoniane Emerald
Res:  Dialynne Forever Watson

Mid Limit Dog  (7) 

1st:    Led Zeppelin V D Hoefstall
2nd:  Fullcry Poacher

3rd:   Stormpasture Trumps Image

Res:  Molesend Kaftan JW

VHC: Tungri Pioneer

Limit Dog  (3, 1) 

1st:    Koorbrats Watchful
2nd:  Madika Its All About Me ShCM

Open Dog  (5, 1) 

1st:    Serenaker Figaro *DCC, RBIS, BOS*

2nd:  Bayard Hazel's Beany *RDCC*

3rd:   Dialynne Breaking News

Res:  Janfrey Elliot

Veteran Dog  (3) 

1st:    Macall Back to Zac ShCM *BVD, BVIS*

2nd:  Ch & Ger Ch Serenaker Devil In Disguise

3rd:   Springholme Striker ShCM


Bitch CC
Ch Dialynne Electra

Reserve Bitch CC
Annavah Katrina

Best Puppy Bitch
Pondsanwood Ruby in Fallowfield

Best Veteran Bitch

Orchidvale Angelica of Breskar ShCM

Minor Puppy Bitch  (14, 3) 

1st:    Pondsanwood Ruby in Fallowfield *BPB*

2nd:  Dufosee Nabrina

3rd:   Raimex Brittany
Res:  Dapperdawg Seven of Nine

VHC: Serenaker Fashion

Puppy Bitch  (8, 1) 

1st:    Fullcry Walnut
2nd:  Annvah Olivia

3rd:   Raimex Brittany
Res:  Dapperdawg Seven of Nine

VHC: Rosanka Farrah

Junior Bitch  (8, 1) 

1st:    Tarnry Florance

2nd:  Dialynne Alayna Avec Blunderhall

3rd:   Blue Karmas Victory Girl

Res:  Newlin Kismet for Salenko

VHC: Clairdale Bryanie

Novice Bitch  (7, 1)

1st:    Tarnry Florance

2nd:  Fallowfield Grace

3rd:   Serenaker Fashion

Res:  Blue Karmas Victory Girl

VHC: Newlin Inkspot for Fairleedale

Graduate Bitch  (9) 

1st:    Molesend Madeira
2nd:  Macall Amazing Grace

3rd:   Brigam Lace Stockings of Breskar
Res:  Newlin Kismet for Salenko

VHC: Gempeni Flower Girl JW

Post Graduate Bitch  (11, 2)

1st:    Dufosee Lucinda with Matoutahi JW
2nd:  Annavah Alpine

3rd:   Stormpasture Trump Hand

Res:  Macall Miss Marni

VHC: Clairedale Willowmena


Mid Limit Bitch  (3, 1) 

1st:    Raimex Rowanberry

2nd:  Molesend Kashmir JW

Limit Bitch  (5) 

1st:    Annavah Katrina *RBCC*

2nd:  Rosanka Charisse

3rd:   Hayapark Cowslip

Res:  Barterhound Rosebud at Madika JW ShCM

VHC: Charterwood Solitaire 

Open Bitch  (10, 2) 

1st:    Ch Dialynne Electra *BCC, BIS*

2nd:  Ch Davricard Buttercup

3rd:   Annavah Ginger

Res:  Ch Annavah Ginny

VHC: Bayard Take A Chance


Veteran Bitch  (4) 

1st:    Orchidvale Angelica of Breskar ShCM *BVB*

2nd:  Macall New Sensation ShCM

3rd:   Rocamar Smiles at Madika ShCM

Res:  Hayapark Aster

Bitch Classes

Judge's Critique


MPD (7) A very promising class to start with some real quality youngsters headed by two exemplary blanket tris. 1 Spavin's Dialynne Decaprio I think this young boy was my star of the show as he entered the ring with the style and confidence of a champion and although he still requires some schooling this couldn't detract from his obvious quality. Good size and substance with an excellent balance and confirmation. BPD and BPIS.Craig's Davricard Harrison. Another cracking blanket tri of style and substance. Excellent head and expression, lovely arched neck, well laid shoulders and excellent top and underlines. Moved very well coming and going and I'm sure he'll also be pushing for top honours shortly. 3 Rhiconich Alfi.


PD (3) 1 Brown and Ford's Raimex Barnaby Pleasing t/w but unplaced in the MPD class. Good head and expression. Good reach of neck and well placed shoulder. Topline ok but he's a little longer in the coupling than the minor puppies. Moved ok. Philpott's Charterwood Earnest Pleasing head of correct proportions although I found his eye a little too round. Very clean outline when stacked but a little looser on the move and his stern carriage is a little too proud. 3 Benroma Brabanzio


JD (4) 1: Calikes' Newlin Kestrel Another very promising blanket tri with a very pleasing outline and very positive movement. Good length of neck and well laid shoulder, short in the coupling. Strong correctly angulated hind quarters. 2 Clifton's Dialynne Forever Holmes A very stylish young hound that fills the eye when standing. Very pleasing head and well arched neck. Good forechest and good depth of brisket. I would prefer a slightly better return of upper arm and this is shown in his front movement. 3 Clifton's Dialynne Forever Watson


ND (1) 1: Christie's Benroma Brabanzio. Correct head with a lovely dark and appealing eye and expression. Generally pleasing outline but I would like to see more depth and substance throughout. Good topline but his underline would benefit from a deeper brisket. Good hindquarters but I would like to see a better turn of stifle.


GD (3) 1: Clifton's Dialynne Forever Holmes 2: Clifton's Dialynne Forever Watson T/w version of his brother but a little heavier throughout and this detracted from his lines. He is also a little longer in coupling. 3: Redcap Brentwood at Hardexspen


PGD (4) 1 May's Janfrey Osboure Quality tri dog with an excellent head and expression. Excellent front assemblage and plenty of fill to his forechest. Well sprung ribs of correct length and short in the coupling. Excellent hindquarters with correct angulation. Moved very well. 2 Clifton's Dialynne Forever Holmes 3 Gildert's Callidoniane Emerald


MLD (7) Two fabulous hounds presented in top class condition and very well handled. Consequently they were very difficult to split. Both have excellent masculine heads, well arched necks and correctly laid shoulders, firm toplines, short in the coupling and strong hindquarters. Tail set and carriage is also excellent in both cases. Both have excellent balance and substance and the correct tight cat-like feet. In the end it came down to the movement and here 1 was just a little tidier in front than 2. 1: Versiuis's Led Zeppelin V D Hoefstall 2 Bartholomew's Fullcry Poacher 3 Davies's Stormpasture Trumps Image.


LD (3, 1) 1: Smith and Starbrook's Koorbrats WatchfulPleasing t/w with a very good head and the expression is enhanced by the excellent pigmentation. Good length of neck and well laid shoulder but I would prefer a little more length in the upper arm. Good bone but his feet could be a little tighter. Good length of rib, well sprung and of good depth. Moved out well but I would like a little more reach. 2 Arden's Madika Its All About Me ShCM Well he certainly stands and believes it's all about me. Pleasing head of correct proportions but would benefit from a fuller flew. His topline is a little disappointing when standing as there is a slight rise over the loin but this is not evident when striding out. Moved with a free and easy gait and full of drive.


OD (5, 1) A superb class headed by four outstanding examples of the breed. 1 Parker, Stevens and Norridge's Serenaker Figaro CC and RBIS. A young hound just coming into full maturity and looking as if he owns the world. He took the eye moving round the ring at the start of the class with his reach and drive and never let go from there. On the table he's a pleasure to go over as he is beautifully balanced throughout. Well placed leathers of correct length that framed an excellent head of correct proportions. Strong, well arched neck and well laid, clean shoulders. Lovely tight elbows to the full, well sprung rib. Excellent top and underlines, excellent tail set and carriage and strong, well angulated hindquarters with well let down hocks. Excellent muscle tone and correct, beautifully conditioned jacket. I understand this CC gives him his well-deserved title. 2 Jackson's Bayard Hazel's Beany RCC Another excellent hound and most of the above also applies to him. At present he just lacks that final finish that a little more maturity will bring. Technically he is ultrasound and one of the best movers here. 3 Spavin's Dialynne Breaking News


VD (3) 1 Pocklington Hall's Macall Back to Zac ShCM His grey mask and salting in his jacket gives away his age but you'd never guess when you see him move out with excellent reach and drive and as true as any here fore and aft. He is a joy to go over with excellent clean lines and a beautiful balance. 2 Ch and Germ Ch Serenaker Devil In Disguise Another top hound that simply oozes quality and still looks magnificent. Most pleasing of heads with a kind eye and expression that means you'll forgive him anything. Lovely balance throughout and excellent movement. 3 Springholme Striker Sh CM.


MPB (14, 3) A lovely class headed by two very promising puppies that it will be worth keeping an eye on. 1 and 2 were very difficult to separate and could easily change places. Both have melting heads and expressions, clean necks and straight fronts, tight feet and good fill. Both also have excellent toplines and well sprung ribs, short coupling and correctly angulated hindquarters. In the end it came down to showmanship and 1 just had a little more spark on the day. 1 Lewis's Pondsanwood Ruby in Fallowfield 2 Spavin's Dufosee Nabrina 3 Brown and Ford's Raimex Brittany.


PB (8, 1) Another lovely class headed by two beautifully balanced bitches. 1 Bartholomew's Fullcry Walnut Most pleasing of heads with excellent proportions, well defined stop and lovely eye set, placement and pigmentation. Well placed leathers of the correct length just finished the picture. Very clean neck and shoulder and straight front. Lovely muscle tone for a puppy giving her a good core strength. An unfortunate white marking at the base of the stern distracts and tempts to mislead on the tailset but this is correct. Strong well angulated hindquarters and well set hocks. This kennel is producing some excellent hounds at present and it will be interesting to watch their progress. 2 Annvah Olivia Unfortunate to meet 1 as she also oozes quality and many of the above attributes apply. In the end I felt that 1 just had a slightly better rear angulation and put this to good use on the move. 3 Raimex Brittany


JB (8, 1) 1st: Stoddard's Tarnry Florance Very promising young bitch of excellent type. Her dark eye gave her head a melting expression that reminded me of several of my favourites from the past. She looked a picture on the table and didn't disappoint to go over. Good clean front, although to be very critical I would have preferred a little more fill. Excellent top and underlines, good length and spring of rib and well angulated hindquarters. Beautifully presented but the lack of fill was evident on the move. Hopefully this will come with maturity. 2 Hardisty's Dialynne Alayna Avec Blunderhall Well balanced bitch with pleasing lines. Well balanced head, good neck and shoulder and good depth of brisket. Well sprung ribs. Good tail set and carriage, moved well. 3 Pocklington Hall's Blue Karmas Victory Girl


NB (7, 1) 1 Stoddard's Tarnry Florance 2 Lewis's Fallowfield Grace. A very elegant t/w that just needs a little time to grow into herself as all of the desired attributes are there to come. Beautiful head and expression that will win her many friends. Good clean front but her feet could be better arched. 3 Parker and Stevens's Serenaker Fashion GB (9) 1: Goldberg's Molesend Madeira Very well balanced and very sound young lady with a most pleasing of heads. Correct angulation throughout and this was evident in her excellent movement. 2 Pocklington Hall's Macall Amazing Grace. Another very pleasing bitch with many of the attributes of 1. The reach and drive shown on the day was enough for 1 to take the class. 3 Butters and Theobald's Brigam Lace Stockings of Breskar


PGB (11, 2) 1 Denny and Dawson's Dufosee Lucinda with Matoutahi JW. Gorgeous open tri that was strongly considered for higher honours. She has the most beautiful of heads and I just love the flow of her neck into her shoulder and extension into the topline. Excellent spring of rib and core strength through the loin. Put down and presented in excellent conditions. She is clearly a credit to her owners and one to keep an eye on. 2 Havard's Annavah Alpine. Another top quality girl that was presented in excellent condition. Excellent lay of shoulder and return of upper arm. This angulation was matched in the hindquarters and was also clearly reflected in her excellent movement. 3Alexander's Stormpasture Trump Hand.


MLB (3, 1) 1 Brown's Raimex Rowanberry A very honest open tri that is difficult to fault. She has a very pleasing head and expression and is very well balanced with correct front and rear angulation and very good top and underlines. Moved very well. 2 Goldberg's Molesend Kashmir JW Very pleasing bitch with lovely pigmentation. Good placement of leathers of correct length. Well proportioned head. Clean front and level topline. Very good, well angulated hindquarters.


LB (5) 1 Havard's Annavah Katrina RCC. Top quality blanket tri bitch that is reaching her peak and starting to fulfil her potential. Most pleasing of heads and expression with a lovely well set dark eye, well-proportioned head with a well pronounced stop. Very clean well arched neck, well laid shoulder and excellent return of upper arm. Elbows tight to the rib and a lovely straight front. Excellent feet. Excellent top and underlines and short in the coupling. Strong, well-proportioned and angulated hindquarters. Well let down hocks. 2 Fellows's Rosanka Charisse Well balanced bitch of pleasing proportions. Very pleasing, well balanced head, good length of neck and well placed shoulder. Very good length of rib and short coupling. Correct tail set and carriage. Strong, well used hindquarters. Moved very well. 3 Arden's Barterhound Rosebud at Madika JW ShCM


OB (10, 2) A very tough class headed by five or more champion quality hounds. 1 Ch Dialynne Electra CC and BIS Sometimes you don't need to touch a hound to just know that everything is right and this young lady has everything right. I would love to spend some time just watching her in the field where I'm certain she would be poetry in motion. Simply put she is probably one of the best hounds I've had the pleasure of going over. 2 Craig's Ch Davricard Buttercup. I have loved this bitch from the moment I first saw her and she does not disappoint to go over. She simply screams quality and fulfils the breed standard in every way. 3 Havard's Annavah Ginger


VB (4)1 Butters&and Theobald's Orchidvale Angelica of Breskar Sh CM. A long standing favourite of mine and still a real pleasure to go over. Sweet head and expression, lovely arched neck and well laid shoulders. Still has a lovely topline and excellent hindquarters. Clearly she still loves her shows. 2 Pocklington Hall's Macall New Sensation Sh CM Beautifully proportioned bitch of good size. Another that clearly still enjoys her shows and still shows many of the youngsters that she has what it takes. 3 Rocamar Smiles at Madika ShCM

Nigel Blackstock

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