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2016 Championship Show - Judged by Debbie Taylor (Deaconfield)

Reserve Best In Show & Best Opposite Sex
Ch Bayard Forgetmeknot JW

Best Puppy In Show
Rossut Endeavoured

Best Veteran In Show

Ch Newlin Victor of Salenko JW ShCM

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RBIS                                          BIS                              BPIS                                BVIS


   DCC                                                         RDCC                                        BPD


       BCC                                                          RBCC                                      BPB   

Best In Show
Ch Davricard Harrison

Dog Classes

Dog CC

Ch Davricard Harrison

Reserve Dog CC

Ch Newlin Kestrel JW ShCM

Best Puppy Dog
Rossut Endeavoured

Best Veteran Dog

Ch Newlin Victor of Salenko JW ShCM


Minor Puppy Dog  (4, 1) 

1st:    Rossut Endeavoured *BPD, BPIS*

2nd:  Awreridge Waterbuck

3rd:   Balderstone Harlow


Puppy Dog  (4) 

1st:    Annavah Leonardo Da Vinci
2nd:  Gladstyle Google Me

3rd:   Divinebrae Dom Perignon

Res:  Beabass Magic Man


Junior Dog  (4) 

1st:    Shercroft Apollo JW

2nd:  Rhiconich Finleigh

3rd:   Divinebrae Dom Perignon

Res:  Arpege Xclusive at Beabass


​Novice Dog  (3) 

1st:    Rhiconich Finleigh

2nd:  Awreridge Waterbuck

3rd:   Divinebrae Dom Perignon

Graduate Dog  (2) 

1st:    Shercroft Apollo JW
2nd:  Janfrey Unwin


Post Graduate Dog  (8, 1)

1st:    Redcap Wensleydale
2nd:  Molesend Orlando JW

3rd:   Bondea Legion

Res:  Fallowfield Adored at Rhiconich

VHC: Jarrowley Devonport


Mid Limit Dog  (4) 

1st:    Davricard Brandon
2nd:  Bondlea Layman

3rd:   Kelseva Greatest Day

Res:  Gladstyle Storm Trooper

Limit Dog  (10, 1) 

1st:    Annavah Felix
2nd:  Barrvale Zorro

3rd:   Bondlea Layman

Res:  Dialynne Cover Story

VHC: Dialynne Cinnaman for Rosroden

Open Dog  (11) 

1st:    Ch Davricard Harrison *DCC, BIS*

2nd:  Ch Newlin Kestrel JW ShCM *RDCC*

3rd:   Arpege Vindicator 

Res:  Ch Eardley Stew Pendous JW

VHC: Bayard Follow The Trail

Veteran Dog  (4, 1) 

1st:    Ch Newlin Victor of Salenko JW ShCM *BVD, BVIS*

2nd:  Molesend Adrift

3rd:   Davricard Hero


Bitch CC
Ch Bayard Forgetmeknot JW

Reserve Bitch CC 
Davricard Ballad

Best Puppy Bitch
Annavah Knick Knack

Best Veteran Bitch

Orchidvale Angelica of Breskar ShCM

Minor Puppy Bitch  (8, 1) 

1st:    Bayard Below The Stairs

2nd:  Davricard Musetta

3rd:   Wyvisview Snowbunting
Res:  Awreridge Watercolour

VHC: Charterwood Highlight

Puppy Bitch  (16, 3) 

1st:    Annavah Knick Knack *BPB*
2nd:  Molesend Query

3rd:   Eardley Jaw Walking
Res:  Wyvisview Harlequin

VHC: Rossut Damsel

Junior Bitch  (8) 

1st:    Eardley Merry Berry

2nd:  Annavah Imagine

3rd:   Madika Spot On

Res:  Detrick Firefly over Divinebrae

VHC: Shercroft Arina

Novice Bitch  (9, 1)

1st:    Molesend Query

2nd:  Awreridge Watercolour

3rd:   Shercroft Arina

Res:  Divinebrae Pop My Cork

VHC: Rhiconich Fionnuala

Graduate Bitch  (13, 3) 

1st:    Nictoney Pollyanna
2nd:  Janfrey Sapphire

3rd:   Redcap Ambrosia
Res:  Madika Spot On

VHC: Shercroft Arina

Post Graduate Bitch  (13, 2)

1st:    Rossut Volley at Nictoney
2nd:  Bondlea Dove

3rd:   Redcap Bella Sorella JW ShCM

Res:  Gempeni Flower Girl JW ShCM

VHC: Stormpasture Jasmine at Rosroden


Mid Limit Bitch  (9, 1) 

1st:    Rossut Volley at Nictoney

2nd:  Franjean Candleight for Salenko JW ShCM

3rd:   Redcap Right On

Res:  Annavah Honeydrew

VHC: Stormpasture Juliette of Rosroden

Limit Bitch  (11, 1) 

1st:    Davricard Ballad *RBCC*

2nd:  Hayapark Cowslip

3rd:   Tannahill Odina at Rhiconich

Res:  Roddwood Melody

VHC: Southistle Penny Locket from Charterwood

Open Bitch  (7, 1) 

1st:    Ch Bayard Forgetmeknot JW *BCC, RBIS, BOS*

2nd:  Redcap Kelseva Truly Scumptious

3rd:   Annavah Alpine

Res:  Rhiconich Beverley

VHC: Huntshill Star Gazer from Barrvale


Veteran Bitch  (7) 

1st:    Orchidvale Angelica of Breskar ShCM *BVB*

2nd:  Hayapark Aster

3rd:   Ch Rossgay Rouska at Roddwood JW ShCM

Res:  Ir Ch Barterhound Bouquet for Gempeni JW ShCM

VHC: Barterhound Rosebud at Madika JW ShCM AW (S)

Bitch Classes
Junior Handling

Junior Handling - Judged by Luke Johnston


    1st                                                  2nd                                       3rd

      Ella Findlay                            Kyra Harrison                    Lily Stafford


Judge's Critique


MPD (4, 1) 1 Rossut Endeavoured BPD & BPIS 6 mth tri puppy. Masculine head, good tailset and carriage.  Well bodied for age.  More mature in head and body than 2.  Moved straight on neat feet with good overall movement.  I see he sired by my DCC winner. 2 Awreridge Waterbuck TAF. Only two days younger than his classmate and very much a raw baby.  Pleasing head, dark eye. Good feet.   Moved happily at his first show.  3 Balderstone Harlow.


PD (4) 1 Annavah Leaonardo Da Vinci. Larger mould from this kennel, excels in neck and shoulder.  Square muzzle, good depth of chest, well bodied, good tailset.  His mind was wandering at times but he moved soundly. 2 Gladstyle Google Me. Smart blanket tri, masculine head with pleasing soft expression.  Good neck and shoulder and pleasing overall shape and bend of stifle.  Good tailset and neat feet.  Basically a nice puppy but just a little more confidence needed which I am sure will come with time. 3 Divinebrae Dom Perignon.


JD (4) Best two movers in the class. 1 Shercroft Apollo JW. T/W with masculine pleasing expression.  Round bone leading into neat feet, good neck and shoulders, well shaped quarters, with good tailset.  Parallel movement with front reach and drive.  Effortless movement and happy temperament. 2 Rhiconich Finleigh.Similiar to 1.  Deeper in chest and slightly heavier frame.  Mottle tri.  Pleasing pigment and eye colour.  3 Divinebrae Dom Perignon.


ND (3) 1 Rhiconich Finleigh. Also 2nd in Junior. 2 Awreridge Waterbuck. Also 2nd in Minor Puppy. 3 Divinebrae Dom Perignon.


GD  (2) 1 Shercroft Apollo JW. Also 1st in Junior. 2 Janfrey Unwin. Lovely melting expression and head with good pigment on this tri.  Square muzzle, good depth of chest. Moved on good feet.  Preferred the movement of 1.


PGD (8) 1 Redcap Washington. Tri mottle with masculine head and expression.  Good neck, shoulder and depth to body.  Well bent stifles.  Moved well both ways. 2 Molesend Orlando JW. Similar to 1 but preferred the eye shape of 1. Excels in neck and shapely quarters.  A houndy pair who could easily change place another day.  3 Bondlea Legion.


MLD (4) 1 Davricard Brandon. Broken tri dog, all of a piece.  Excellent neck and shoulder, with good depth of chest, strong quarters, well bent hocks.  Good parallel rear movement, square muzzle, nice arch of neck, neat elbows and tight feet.  Slightly longer cast to 2. Didn't move as well in the challenge. 2 Bondlea Layman. Houndy tri dog of good overall shape.  Nice neck into shoulder.  Good bend of stifle and neat feet.  Doesn't have the ring presence of 1 but a good hound nonetheless. 3 Kelseva Greatest Day.


LD (11, 1) 1 Annavah Felix. Smart blanket tri.  Good neck, shoulder and topline.   Pleasing head and expression.  Correct tailset and carriage, neat feet.  Moved well both ways. 2 Barrvale Zorro. Similar to 1 with pleasing head, soft expression and good body shape.  Preferred the eye of 1. Looked a little tucked up today compared to 1.   Moved nicely. 3 Bondlea Layman.


OD (11) Two very pleasing workmanlike hounds I have only had the pleasure to view from the ringside previously.   Neither overdone. Very similar in type and both moved exceptionally well.  Well made quarters, good tailsets and carriage.   Just preferred the expression of 1.  Favourites of the day - happy showmen. 1 Ch Davricard Harrison CC & BIS. Delighted to award DCC and BOB to 1.   2 Ch Newlin Kestrel JW ShCM RCC. 3 Arpege Vindicator.


VD (4, 1) 1 Ch Newlin Victor of Salenko JW ShCM BVD & BVIS. T/W hound, full of quality and energy at 9 years young.  Good neck and shoulder.   Looking well and best mover in class. 2 Molesend Adrift. Tri mottle.   Good overall shape.  Moved ok.  Think a pound or two lighter would be of benefit.3 Davricard Hero. 


MPB (8, 1) 1 Bayard Below The Stairs. 8 mth t/w bitch of larger mould (hope she doesn't grow on).  Good neck and shoulders, shapely quarters, good bone, feet and pigment.  Moved well. 2 Davricard Musetta. Attractive headed broken tri. Cheeky puppy smaller mould than 1.  All in proportion.  Moved calmly.  Will watch with interest. 3 Wyvisview Snowbunting.


PB (16, 3) 1 Annavah Knick Knack BPB. Broken tri who excels in neck and shoulder.  Good shape.  Moved well with parallel movement. 2 Molesend Query. Broken tri of good shape, pretty head and good proportions.  Of a smaller mould than 1 and therefore more compact.  Steady mover on good shaped feet.  Will change places with 1 on another day. 3 Eardley Jay Walking.


JB (8) 1 Eardley Merry Berry. Young tri bitch I have admired from ringside and wasn't disappointed.   Nicely proportioned, good set on stern which she carried correctly. Moved well both ways on neat feet.

2 Annavah Imagine. Another broken tri from this kennel.  Good reach of neck, shape of head and muzzle, compact body and well shaped quarters.  Neat feet. 3 Madika Spot On.


NB (9, 2) 1 Molesend Query. Also 2nd in Puppy. 2  Awreridge Watercolour. Broken tri puppy.  Well proportioned.  Feminine head and expression, good reach of neck.  Neat bone into tight feet.  Moved nicely for such a baby.  Looks promising. 3 Shercroft Arina.


GB (13, 3) 1Nictoney Pollyanna. Blanket tri of good size and bone.  Nice type of good proportions and pigment.  Moved and flowed easily around the ring. 2 Janfrey Sapphire. Unlucky to meet 1.  Blanket tri of good shape and make, pleasing head.  Moved well both ways. 3 Redcap Ambrosia.


PGB (13, 2) 1 Rossut Volley at Nictoney.  Tri bitch, compact with well shaped body, attractive head, well shaped quarters.  Good bone and tail carriage. 2 Bondlea Dove. This bitch is maturing well.  Good reach of neck and shoulder, depth to chest.  Moved well. Both bitches had good parallel movement. 3 Redcap Bella Sorella JW ShCM.


ML (9, 1) 1 Rossut Volley at Nictoney Also 1st in Graduate. 2 Franjean Candlelight for Salenko JW ShCM (Imp Pol) Smaller mould than some.  Good proportions all round, appealing head and expression.  Moved well both ways on neat feet. 3 Redcap Right On.


LB (11, 2) 1 Davricard Ballad  RCC. Attractive dark blanket tri bitch.  Excels in neck and shoulder, lovely shape, soft pleasing expression, dark eye and pigment, good quarters, tailset and tail carriage. 2 Hayapark Cowslip. T/W bitch of slightly larger mould with mild expression.  Good neck and shoulder and feet.  Moved well both ways.  3 Tannahill Odina at Rhiconich.


OB (7,1) 1 Ch Bayard Forgetmeknot JW CC & RBIS. T/W bitch I awarded BPIB to previously.  Has matured well.  Good body proportions, neat feet, appealing expression.  Moved well both ways. Doesn't disappoint and thoroughly deserves her title. 2 Redcap Kelseva Truly Scrumptious. Smart T/W of slightly smaller mould.  Good size and shape.  Round bone. 3 Annavah Alpine


VB (7) 1 Orchdvale Angelica of Breskar Sh CM BVB 

T/W in good condition belying her 11 years.  Liked her shape and make.  Enjoyed showing off her movement.  2 Hayapark Aster. T/W bitch 9 year old.  Moved well. 3 Ch Rossgay Rouska at Roddwood JW Sh CM


Debbie Taylor

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