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Best Opposite Sex & Reserve Best In Show
Barterhound Willow

Best Puppy In Show
Serenaker Devil In Disguise

Best Veteran In Show
Ch & Ir Ch Gempeni Wildflower

             BIS &                             BPIS, BPD &

     DCC                                    RDCC

BOS, RBIS &                RBCC                BPB

2007 Championship Show - Judged by Jean Westren (Deanery)

Best In Show
Fallowfield Bartholomew

Dog Classes

Dog CC
Fallowfield Bartholomew

Reserve Dog CC
Serenaker Devil In Disguise

Best Puppy Dog
Serenaker Devil In Disguise

Best Veteran Dog

Ir Ch Kenzed Weaver of Bondlea JW


Minor Puppy Dog  (5, 1) 

1st:    Serenaker Devil In Disguise *BPD, RDCC, BPIS*

2nd:  Cliffmere Ivor

3rd:   Annavah Barbarian
Res:  Ardvreck Caer Laverock

Puppy Dog  (5, 1) 

1st:    Annavah Artist
2nd:  Ardvreck Caer Laverrock

3rd:   Misken Lewis at Wyvisview
Res:  Canowindra Drovers Dream


Junior Dog  (8, 1) 

1st:    Fallowfield Bartholomew *DCC, BIS*

2nd:  Misken Armani

3rd:   Ulradis Zweet Zpike at Rossgay

Res:  Kyledam Cedar Douglas from Salenko

VHC: Hanne's Ludvig


Maiden Dog  (2, 1) 

1st:    Cliffmere Ivor

Novice Dog  (4, 1) 

1st:    Serenaker Devil In Disguise
2nd:  Misken Armani

3rd:   Ulradis Zweet Zpike of Rossgay
Res:  Misken Lewis at Wyvisview

​Graduate Dog  (3)

1st:    Nedlaw Silent Spectator
2nd:  Fallowfield Fusion of Finmorlan JW

3rd:   Kyledam Cedar Douglas from Salenko


​​Post Graduate Dog  (10, 1) 

1st:    Rosmaith Renoir

2nd:  Nedlaw Silent Spectator

3rd:   Bruadair Buadhmhor

Res:  Flurries Brigand

VHC: Fallowfield Duce of Finmorlan


Limit Dog  (7) 

1st:    Newlin Sailor

2nd:  Raimex Theo JW

3rd:   Bondlea Bradman JW Sh CM

Res:   Craigmount Saturn Sh CM

VHC: Bayard Garrick of Ramsayville

Open Dog  (3) 

1st:    Ch Rossmaith Black Velvet

2nd:  Macall Back to Zak Sh CM

3rd:   Rocamar Silent Witness of Ramsayville

​Veteran Dog  (7, 1) 

1st:    Ir Ch Kenzed Weaver of Bondlea JW *BVD*

2nd:  Deer Hunterhound

3rd:   Rossgay Ruffian

Res:   Sirron Spokesman

VHC: Trigger at Sunrise


Bitch CC
Barterhound Willow

Reserve Bitch CC
Orchidvale Angelica of Breskar

Best Puppy Bitch
Fallowfield Dusty Doll

Best Veteran Bitch

Ch & Ir Ch Gempeni Wildflower


Minor Puppy Bitch  (12, 2) 

1st:    Fallowfield Dusty Doll *BPB*

2nd:  Cliffmere Iris

3rd:   Serenaker Devil May Care
Res:  Brydea Bliss

VHC: Macall Adelaide

Puppy Bitch  (12, 1) 

1st:    Rossmaith Nectar
2nd:  Newlin Una of Lowyck

3rd:   Cliffmere Iris
Res:  Makthornley Fantasy

VHC: Macall Adelaide

Junior Bitch  (10) 

1st:    Davricard Glitter

2nd:  Annavah Solitaire

3rd:   Makthornley Fantasy

Res:  Awreridge Okra

VHC: Geclanjo Hot Gossip

Maiden Bitch  (11, 2) 

1st:    Cliffmere Iris

2nd:  Molesend Smokescreen

3rd:   Fallowfield Diva

Res:  Serenaker Devil May Care

VHC: Macall Adelaide

​​Novice Bitch  (10) 

1st:    Tannahill A Touch of Class
2nd:  Rossmaith Nectar

3rd:   Newlin Una of Lowyck
Res:  Cliffmere Iris

VHC: ??? TBC ???

​​Graduate Bitch  (11)

1st:    Cliffmere Flourish
2nd:  Kyledam Candytuft Daisy

3rd:   Misken Querida JW

Res:  Macall New Sensation

VHC: Fallowfield Peach Blossom

Post Graduate Bitch  (15, 1) 

1st:    Butterow Joyful

2nd:  Raimex Maisie

3rd:   Vixarden Aphrodite JW

Res:  Cliffmere Fairmaid

VHC: Craigmount Splendour

Limit Bitch  (12, 3) 

1st:    Orchidvale Angelica of Breskar *RBCC*

2nd:  Barterhound Whisper JW

3rd:   Marada Venus

Res:   Raimex Kiara

VHC: Valsacre Chit Chat

Open Bitch  (13, 4) 

1st:    Barterhound Willow *BCC, BOS, RBIS*

2nd:  Newlin Rachel

3rd:   Rossgay Ribe

Res:   Serenaker Freya

VHC: Kyledam Azalea Buttercup JW

Veteran Bitch  (4, 1) 

1st:    Ch & Ir Ch Gempeni Wildflower *BVB, BVIS*

2nd:  Moon Dancer of Sirron

3rd:   Rossgay Ruffian


Bitch Classes

Judge's Critique

Championship show: It was a great pleasure to judge this well run show, where for many years I was a committee member. The dogs and bitches - apart from the Veteran classes - were all new to me. The entry was excellent, with 155 making 178 entries, with 28 absentees, and 11 NFC.


I would like to make an overall observation of the breed as I saw it on the day. Temperaments were excellent, hind movement in almost all cases was as it should be, not too close viewed from behind and with drive from the side. On the other hand, front movement coming towards me was again, in the majority of cases, very good, but unfortunately from the side the foreleg moved forward from the elbow, instead of from the shoulder, making it short step. Toplines don’t appear to be a problem, but oh dear!  good heads and expressions seem to be in the minority. All of my winners excelled in this department.


MPD (5,1) 1 Parker and Stevens’ Serenaker Devil in Disguise. BPIS and Res CC. Loved this baby, from the tip of his nose to the tip of his tail! Soft expression. low set leathers and the right amount of neck to balance the picture. Well laid shoulders leading into a level topline, tailset sopt on and carried at the correct angle. Short coupled, lovely quarters that drove him around the ring. He looked the raw baby that he is but he moved with reach and drive, keepinmg that level topline. I wish him well for the future. 2 Dunn’s Cliffmere Ivor. Unlucky to meet the winner who was on top for,. A tan and white with a good head shape and soft expression. Well shaped ribcage and a level topline. Moved well. 3 Havard’s Annavah Barbarian.


PD (5,1) 1 Havard’s Annavah Artist. I liked the size and style of this puppy. He is balanced overall with a lovely outline when stacked. Just preferred the reach in from of the MPD winner, but still a puppy to be proud of. 2 Weir and Kelly’s Ardvreck Caer Laverock. A well trained youngster who was shown to obtain the very best performance. He lost out on size to the winner, but is a handsome dog. 3 Fraser’s Misken Lewis at Wyvisview.


JD (8,1) 1 Lewis’ Fallowfield Bartholmew. CC and BIS. Super young dog, good size and a lovely soft expression. Balanced neck to back, excellent forechest, elbows under body and a good body depth with round bone and well padded tight feet. Topline and tailset correct. Broad quarters, so sound in all directions. 2 Clacher’s Misken Armani. Very good in topline and quarters, but size and expression let him down. 3 Bailey and Jetten’s Kyledam Cedar Doulas from Salenko. MD (2,1) 1 Dunn’s Cliffmere Ivor.


ND (4,1) 1 Parker and Stevens’  Serenaker Devil in Disguise.2 Clacher’s Misken Armani. 3 Haslam’s Ulradis Zweet Zpike of Rossgay.


GD (3) 1 Dunn’s Nedlaw Silent Spectator. Typical of his breeding, a broken tri with a soft, appealing expression. Well laid shoulders with a good return of upperarm. Good bone with well padded feet. Excellent quarters, moved and showed very well. 2 Macdonald’s Fallowfield of Finmorlan. JW. A size bigger than the winner, but not the shoulders. Still a good, honest Beagle. 3 Bailey anmd Jetton’s Kyledam Cedar Douglas from Salenko.


PGD (10,1) 1 Anderson’s Rossmaith Renoir. Nice size, well balanced hound with a dark eye, well set leathers and pleasant expression. Shoulders and upperarm could have been slightly better, but his many good breed points outweighed this. 2 Dunn’s Nedlaw Silent Spectator. 3 Linden’s Bruadair Buadhmhor.


LD(7) 1 Calikes and Bradley’s Newlin Sailor. A quality t/w of a nice size. Soft expression and low set leathers. Adequate neck and a short, level back. A shade upright in pasterns, but well padded feet. Excellent quarters with firm second thigh. Well handled. 2 Brown’s Raimex Theo. JW. Different type to the winner, but he still has a lot of positive breed points. A shad elong in back which upset the balance. He has well laid shoulders leading to a level topline, quarters are broad with well turned stifles. Moved well. 3 Purves’ Craigmount Saturn. Sh CM.


OD (3) 1 Anderson’s Ch Rossmaith Black Velvet. Won this class on front extension, he has a plain head, but it is balanced and matched his body. He was one of the few with a double, weatherproof coat. A worthy Champion. 2 Poclington-Hall’s Macall Back to Zac. Sh CM. Lost to the winner on front movement and not quite as balanced in bodt. Strong in head and expression with a good neck and level topline. Very deep chest, making the front legs appear very short. Good quarters, moved with a short stride and was well presented. 3 Brown and Todd’s Bayard Carrick of Ramsayville.


Vet D (7,1) 1 Hargrave’s Ir Ch Kenzed Weaver of Bondlea. JW. A lovely type of Beagle. Typical soft expression, neck fitted into well laid shoulders and a level topline, well carried tail and broad quarters. Moved with freedom on well padded feet. 2 Ambridge’s Deerhunterhound. Another good looking veteran with many of the atrtributes of the winner. 3 Haslam’s Rossgay Ruffian. 



MPB (12,2) 1 and Best Puppy Bitch, Lewis’ Fallowfield Dusty Doll. A beautifully balanced puppy and there is not a lot I would change for her age. An appealing, soft expression, low set leathers. Excellent neck leading to well laid shoulders, topline, tailset, depth of chest and quarters plus sound movement. Althogether this made for a very promising puppy. 2 Ambridge Cliffmere Iris. Another nice puppy, another day could easily have been my winner. 3 Parker and Stevens’ Serenaker Devil May Care.


PB (12,1) 1 Alexander’s Rossmaith Nectar. A very typy bitch with a soft expression. Good neck, topline and tailset. Shorter coupled than 2nd. 2 Lomax’ Newlin Una of Lowyck. Quality bitch with a lovely soft expression. Moved well and was expertly handled. 3 Ambridge Cliffmere Iris.


JB (10) 1 Craig’s Davricard Glitter. Super size, very sound to go over with good shoulders, short level back with terrific width of quarters and short hocks. Considered her for top honours, but on the last run down she tended to crab, which lost her a higher award. 2 Havard’s Annavah Solitaire. Another very nice bitch with low set leathers framing a pretty head and expression. Just lost out to the winner on width of quarters. 3 Loudaros’ Makthornley Fantasy.


MB (11,2) 1 Ambridge Cliffemere Iris. 2 Goldberg’s Molesend Smokescreen. One of the nicest mottle bitches I have seen. Super dark eye giving a delightful soft expression. Conformation was spot on, giving correct sound movement. 3 Parker and Stevens’ Serenaker Devil May Care.


NB (10) 1 Binks’ annahill A Touch of Class. A mature puppy of some quality. Balanced throughout with well padded feet. Moved well. 2 Alexander’s Rossmaith Nectar.  3 Lomax’ Newlin Una of Lowyck.


GB(11,1) 1 Hall’s Cliffmere Flourish. A shad eplain in expression but head is balanced with a lovely dark eye. One of the best front constructions in the entry. Good bone and excellent feet, moved well. 2 Jones’ Kyledam Candytuft Daisy. Has many of my winner’s attributes, but a shade bigger. In this class I was splitting hairs. 3 Clacher’s Misken Querida. JW.


PGB (15,1) 1 Lennard’s Butterow Joyful. Big enough for a bitch, but balanced overall and very sound moving. Good in most departments, a nice and typy bitch. 2 Brown’s Raimex Maisie. Another by my Veteran dog winner. He is certainly stamping his quality on his offspring. A better size than the winner but not quite as good in front. When standing she has a super outline. 3 Clegg’s Vixarden Aphrodite. JW.


LB (12,3) 1 and Res BCC, Butters and Theobold’s Orchardvale Angelica of Breskar. What a stunning outline, everything fittred together from head to tail, with correct free flowing movement. Beautifully shaped head with low set leathers. Shame about the lack of pigment, but I still loved her, could make a worthy Champion. 2 Roderick’s Barterhound Whisper. JW. Soft expression. Short back and well padded feet. Balanced outline but just lost out to the winner’s elegance. 3 Wood’s Marada Venus.

<Webmaster notes: Open Bitch critique is unfortunately missing from the original write up>


Vet B (4,1) 1 BVIS, Gempeni’s Wildflower. What a lovely way to finish my day’s judging with a bitch I had awarded a CC and BOB to a few years ago. Apart from colour fading and a few grey hairs, she still looks amoves as well as ever. 2 Norris’ Moondancer of Sirron. 2 years older than the winner, but her age didn’t show in her movement. Still very sound to go over, just preferred the winner in head. 3 Arden’s Newlin Almond at Madika.


My overall impression was that the dogs were not as good as the bitches, in some of the bitch classes I was spoilt for choice. On another day some of my decisions could well have been different. Thank you for bringing your Beagles for me to assess. I only had one disappointment, at the completion of judging my hands were very dirty, which doesn’t reflect well for the show presentation of some of the Beagles, one of the easiest hounds to prepare for the showring.

Jean Westren

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